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Product details: Bremshey crosstrainer CF7

  • Model 2014
  • Technical information - Bremshey crosstrainer CF7:
    • Braking system: electronically adjustable magnetic brake
    • Output: 0 - 250 W (Adjustable in increments starting from 5 Watt)
    • RPM-independent resistance control
    • Balance mass according to the manufacturer: 18.2 kg
    • Balance mass according to the standard of Tiedje: 9 kg Details
    • Stride length: 50 cm
    • Ball-bearing mounted joints
  • Computer - Bremshey crosstrainer CF7:
    • Resistance levels: 32
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Display of exercise profiles via LCD
    • Exercise programmes in total: 22, of which custom: 4, heart rate controlled: 4
    • User memory: 4
  • Features - Bremshey crosstrainer CF7:
    • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • generator powered
    • Extras: transport wheels,
  • Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 for varied and joint-gentle training sessions
  • User-friendly training computer
  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Height levelling
  • Power-saving generator system
  • Illustrations similar
  • Max. user-weight - Bremshey crosstrainer CF7: 135 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Bremshey crosstrainer CF7: (L) 179 cm x (W) 71 cm x (H) 166 cm

Description: Bremshey crosstrainer CF7

Sport-Tiedje test judgement (Info)
Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje test judgement and find your appropriate equipment.
Elliptical crosstrainer Test grading for Bremshey crosstrainer CF7: 3.5/5 stars for Features
Smoothness of Rotation
Elliptical crosstrainer Test grading for Bremshey crosstrainer CF7: 3/5 stars for Smoothness of Rotation
Elliptical crosstrainer Test grading for Bremshey crosstrainer CF7: 3/5 stars for Stability
The equipment of a crosstrainer includes balance unit, brake system, training computer (display, programs, etc.), and extras like transport wheels, book holders, etc.. A goo equipment makes exercising more varied and more comfortable. Your workout becomes more effective with pulse measuring.
The stability of the crosstrainer is achieved by sturdy feet, high own weight, and a stable frame construction. A sturdy crosstrainer is not only durable - it is stable even for challenging workout sessions and provides a higher weight load capacity.
The balance unit consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearing, etc. and is very important for concentric run. Transmission ratio and stride length and stride width in combination with stride height contribute to a concentric run. When the crosstrainer offers a good concentric run, exercising is very joint-gentle. Muscle activity is distinctively increased as well.

The Bremshey crosstrainer CF7: ideal for joint-gentle, varied workouts.

The Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 has a stride length of 50 cm for a joint-gentle training motion - similar to cross-country skiing. The balance mass of 18.2 kg makes exercising more comfortable because of a smooth concentric run. The Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 has a magnetic brake system, whose resistance can be adjusted in 32 levels, so that exercising offers enough challenges. The watt-controlled program provides training intensities up to 250 Watt (varied in 5-watt-increments).

Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 - the training computer:

The Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 is equipped with a clearly structured computer. The coloured LCD display informs about data like calory consumption, pulse, distance, etc.. 22 programs guarantee a great workout variety and lasting motivation. 4 of these programs are heart rate controlled, pulse is measured by hand sensors integrated in the Bremshey crosstrainer CF7. A separately available chest strap can be used as well.

The Bremshey crosstrainer CF7can be used in family, because up to 4 personscan set a personal profile thanks to a user memory and use their saved data while exercising.

Exercise without current with the Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 !

The Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 is of sturdy and durable workmanship. The steel frame construction can be loaded up to 135 kg. A floor levelling provides safe stability. Move the Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 with transport wheels. The integrated generator system is friendly to environment and your power bill, because you produce your own power while exercising with the equipment.
Warranty conditions: Bremshey crosstrainer CF7
Warranty: The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.
Rating: Bremshey crosstrainer CF7
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Opinion of other customers:

Bremshey crosstrainer CF7 de by Heinrich Lang on 17.06.2013
Für mich war für den Kauf das Energieversorgungssystem (Generator) ausschlaggebend. Aber: der Akku war defekt, Einstellungen konnten nur während des Laufens vorgenommen werden. Das Aufladen mit dem Ladegerät funktionierte daher ebenfalls nicht, auch bei angestecktem Ladegerät gab es keine Anzeige. Das Einstellrad ... [Read more]ist nicht mechanisch, sondern eine Art Touchscreen, es war keine exakte Einstellung der gewünschten Leistung etc. möglich. Die Abläufe der Programme sind nicht abrufbar, jede Trainingseinheit wird dadurch zur Überrascheung. Auch beim Hersteller ist keine Beschreibung erhältlich. Der Trainingsablauf wird nur max. ein paar Minuten im Vorlauf angezeigt, man weiß nicht, worauf man sich in den nächsten bspw. 10 min einlassen wird. Insgesamt konnte das Gerät weniger als mein viele Jahre alter Hecktrainer, ich habe es Rücksprache mit dem Kundenservice umgetauscht. [Show less]
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