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Gymnastics balls

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Gymnastics balls have several possibilities of use, i.e., prevention and therapy, for fitness training and as sitting ball. Several descriptions like gymball, fitball, hop ball, physio ball, pilates ball or just sitting ball prove its versatility. The gymnastics ball or sitting ball activates the body, improves circulation, exercises muscles, condition and coordination at the same time. Please mind choosing a ball of strong absorption for using it as sitting ball. A sitting ball must not bob permanently. This is given for the Togu ABS sitting ball, i.e..

The proper size for your gymnastics ball/sitting ball:

heightball diameter heightball diameter
up to 152 cm45 cmup to 178 cm65 cm
up to 168 cm55 cmover 178 cm75 cm

The size is important for choosing a sitting balls. The thigh should be bent upwards about 10 to 20 degrees with a sitting ball of the right size, so that the gluteal muscles are a bit higher than the knee joint and the pelvis can be adjusted to the horizontal. Leg length, body weight, and ball features play an important role for choosing. Persons with longer legs and higher weight should choose a bit bigger ball. The so called ABS or Antiburst balls consider an additional aspect of safety. These balls only lose slowly air for a superficial damage.
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4.68 / 5 19 Customer ratings
Item number: TOGU-491000
Togu Redondo Ball purchase online now
The "foldable" ball for many different exercises from MindBody, Pilates, Wellness and Fitness.
plus delivery
  • diameter: 22-24 cm
  • plug closure - can be inflated and deflated very easily
In stock!
4.69 / 5 13 Customer ratings
Item number: 7350-121
Kettler Gym Ball 65cm purchase online now
Versatile Kettler gym ball. Flexible and heard-wearing gym ball for physiotherapy, relaxation gymnastic, rehabilitation etc.
plus delivery
  • Made of high-quality, elastic, synthetic material
  • Versatile and durable
  • Diameter: 65 cm
In stock!
4.77 / 5 13 Customer ratings
Item number: TOGU-406551
Togu ABS Powerball  purchase online now
Safety anti-burst gym ball for all gymnastic applications.
Starting from
plus delivery
  • anti-burst ball
  • dynamic gym ball
  • awarded the ARG's ("Aktion gesunder Rücken" = campaign for a healthy back) sign of approval
  • ideal for all forms of gymnastics (physical therapy, exercise gymnastics, universal gymnastics, relaxation gymnastics, etc.)
  • Available: 55cm (£21.52), 65cm (£24.72), 75cm (£28.72)
In stock!
4.8 / 5 10 Customer ratings
Item number: RE-11017BK
Reebok gym ball purchase online now
The Reebok gym ball is a dynamic gym ball ideal for many uses.
Starting from
plus delivery
  • Dynamic gym ball
  • Ideal for gymnastics of all kinds (i.e. physiotherapy and relaxation gymnastics)
  • Available: 55cm, blue (£19.96), 75cm, black (£13.56)
In stock!
4.4 / 5 10 Customer ratings
Item number: AD-11113
adidas gym ball purchase online now
The adidas gym ball convinces by its innovative design with different surface structure. Thanks to the antiburst construction, the adidas gym ball is especially secure. Antiburst provides that the gym ball does not burst explosively when it gets damaged.
plus delivery
  • Innovative design with different surface structure
  • Antiburst: ball does not burst explosively when it gets damaged - but is slowly losing air
  • Including air pump
  • Available: Size: 75cm (£27.96)
In stock!
As long as supplies last !
5 / 5 2 Customer ratings
Item number: TOGU-407750
Togu ABS Powerball Challenge  purchase online now
Togu's Powerball Challenge ABS is ideal as dynamic exercise ball which also withstands great loads (up to 500kg) and keeps its shape. Due to this a much smaller diameter is needed in order to achieve an ergonomic axis angle.
plus delivery
  • keeps its shape even under great loads
  • anti-burst ball
  • ideal for competitive sports, strength training and pysiotherapyf
  • awarded the ARG's ("Aktion gesunder Rücken" = campaign for a healthy back) sign of approval
In stock!
3 / 5 1 Customer rating
Item number: 7351-200
Kettler gymnastics ball purchase online now
The Kettler gymnastics ball is of flexible use. It is a reliable partner for rehabilitation as well as gymnastics. As it supports dynamic sitting, it is a good alternative for an office chair.
plus delivery
  • Gymnastics and sitting ball of elastic and antiburst material
  • Incl. air pump
  • For gymnastics, rehabilitation or as alternative to the office chair
  • Available: 65 cm (£23.96), 75 cm (£23.96)
In stock!
4.75 / 5 4 Customer ratings
Item number: 7350-132
Kettler Gym Ball purchase online now
Flexible and hard-wearing Kettler gym ball for an optimum balance training. Be it for rehabilitation or as sitting ball in the office - the Kettler gym ball convinces with its various possible uses.
plus delivery
  • Many possible uses: physiotherapy, relaxation gymnastics, rehabilitation
  • Versatile and durable
  • Diameter: 75 cm
  • Colour: purple-violet
In stock!
4 / 5 3 Customer ratings
Item number: TOGU-400210
Togu ball cushion Happyback purchase online now
Get in shape by sitting on the Togu ball cushion Happyback in the office, at home or being on tour ! The Togu ball cushion helps to exercise your deep muscles on the vertebral column. Your back gets strengthened. Thanks to the saddle effect, the Togu ball cushion Happyback adapts to your body shape and optimizes the positive effect.
plus delivery
  • Togu ball cushion Happyback with saddle effect !
  • Healthy and dynamic sitting
  • Exercise by the way - keep in shape
  • Tighten effectively and easily the body
  • Completely incl. detailed instruction
  • Incl. senso® pimples on one side
In stock!
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Item number: TOGU-416000
Togu Powerball Extreme ABS purchase online now
Extremly heavy-duty ball for barbell and dumbbell training - burst-proof up to 1000kg, maximum capacity of 3000kg.
Free delivery!
  • alternative to weight benches - extremely heavy-duty and sturdy ball
  • maximum capacity of 3000kg; burst-proof up to 1000kg
  • ideal for combination exercises with heavy additional weights
In stock!
Sport-Tiedje test judgement
Gymnastics balls Test grading for Togu Powerball Extreme ABS: 5/5 stars for Stability
Variety of exercises
Gymnastics balls Test grading for Togu Powerball Extreme ABS: 4/5 stars for Variety of exercises
Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje test judgement and find your appropriate equipment.
1-10 from 28 results
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