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Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer

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Product details: Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer
  • RC3 GPS Bike: the Polar bike computer with GPS and heart rate measuring
  • Fitness improvement for leisure sportsmen and cyclists
  • Pulse watch set with GPS, heart rate sensor, chest strap, and cadence sensor
  • Top-quality workmanship, elegant design, and great comfort
  • Weighs only 53 g
  • Main functions of the Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer:
    • motivating feedback about training use
    • integrated GPS receiver for route, speed, and distance
    • heart rate display: average,current, maximum per interval or for the whole workout
    • Polar sport zones for optimal heart rate according to training target
    • Running Index shows development of your running performance
    • calory consumption
    • many further with separately available Polar run or cycle sensors
  • Integrated Polar GPS receiver for detecting speed and distance
  • Polar H3 chest strap:
    • heart rate transmission to the Polar RC3 sport watch
    • interference-free measuring and transmission per W.I.N.D. technology on 2.4 GHz
    • machine washable textile chest strap
    • independent battery change is possible
    • no interferences with other chest strap
  • Pulse watch with Polar "Smart Coaching" functions:
    • Fitness-Test for determining your successes
    • individual sport zones for appropriate intensity according to your training level and target
    • Running Index for detecting your running development
    • very precise presentation of your calory consumption
    • training intensity helps to find optimal balance between training and recovery
    • feedback about training use
  • Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer settings for pulse training:
    • determination of optimal heart rate zone/rule of thumb: HRmax = 220 - age
    • pulse display as b/min (beats per minute) or in percent of maximum heart rate
    • displays average and maximum heart rate for workout or lap
    • alarm when chosen sport zone is left
    • manual HR target zone setting
  • Further functions of the Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer:
    • watch function with date, stop watch, memory function, alarm and snooze function, warning when battery is low
  • Technical data of the Polar RC3 GPS pulse watch:
    • Lithium-Polymer battery with 250 mAh for up to 12 hours continuous operation, rechargeable
    • wristband made of soft polyurethane
    • GPS scanning: 1/s
    • heart rate measuring zone: 15 - 240 b/min
    • display zone speed: 0 - 127 km/h
    • water proof IPX7, splashwater, sweat, and rain protected
  • Technical data of cadence sensor:
    • battery lifespan: 3000 operating hours
    • +/- 1 % precisiont
    • tThermoplastic polymer casing
    • splashwater protected
  • Limits of the RC3 GPS training computer:
    • max. files: 99
    • max. training time: 99 h 99 min 99 s
    • storable laps: 99
    • total training distance: 99,999.99 km/duration: 9,999 h 59 min 59 s/calory consumption: 999,999
    • workout sessions: 65,535
  • Technical data of the Polar H3 heart rate sensor:
    • battery-lifespan: 1600 operating hours, exchangeable
    • battery type: CR 2025
    • material chest strap: 38 % polyamid, 29 % polyurethan, 20 % elastan, 13 % polyester
    • waterproof up to 30 m (does not measure in water)
  • Delivery includes Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer:
    • Polar RC3 GPS pulse watch
    • Polar heart rate sensor set H3
    • Polar cadence sensor W.I.N.D.
    • USB cable
    • universal bike holder
    • RC3 GPS short instructions, cadence sensor W.I.N.D. instructions
Description: Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer
Incl. cadence sensor, chest strap, and GPS pulse watch, the RC3 GPS Bike is an excellent bike computer. Thanks to heart rate measuring as well as GPS exact tour data, you can optimize your performance and improve your fitness with the Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer.

Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer: Warm-Up for the perfect workout

The Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer is ideal for cyclists who wish to improve their fitness - thanks to its equipment. Delivery includes a holder, pulse watch, cadence sensor, and a Polar H3 chest strap - all you need to start stamina training right now. As your fitness changes every day, the Polar Zone Optimizer determines your heart rate zones at the beginning of each workout session. You always exercise at the optimal intensity with the Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer.

Training with the pulse watch RC3 GPS Bike

The Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer is a reliable training partner. Performance data are exactly detected by sensors like that for cadence or a chest strap and transmitted to the training pc. The big display of the pulse watch RC3 GPS shows clearly your values, by means of user-friendly buttons, you are quickly navigated through the menus. The GPS of your pulse watch guides you back to your starting point of your workout with the Back to Start function, you do not get lost while exercising.

Performance analysis with the Polar RC3 GPS Bike computer

After each workout session, the Polar RC3 GPS Bike shows you the training use - this is motivating and helps to improve your fitness. Recharge your pulse watch with the provided USB cable and transmit your performance data to the pc. The data of the Polar RC3 GPS Bike can be analysed in detail on the polarpersonaltrainer website.
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