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Polar RS800CX N RUN

Polar RS800CX N RUN 1 Customer rating
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Product details: Polar RS800CX N RUN
  • Change in design
  • Highly precise RS800CX N RUN from Polar + s3 running sensor
  • Incl. textile WearLink W.I.N.D. sensor and infrared USB 2.0 interface
  • Polar ProTrainer 5 software: for the planning and evaluation of the training (With improved graphics!)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Infrared data communication with a PC
  • Produce your route on Google Earth!
  • OwnZone: determines the personal heart rate target zone taking into consideration the day's form
  • OwnCode: coded transmission as to prevent interferences by other devices
  • OwnIndex: tests the fitness in a resting state
  • OwnIndex: testet Fitness im Ruhezustand
  • ExerciseSet: storing of training sequences
  • ZonePointer: display of the target zone and visualisation of the current heart rate during the training using a heart symbol
  • Beat-to-beat: ECG precise recording of every single heart beat and recovery rate measurement
  • Determination of the current aerobic fitness and running efficiency using the heart rate
  • Cadence and average stride length
  • Altitude, ascent and descent measurement
  • Target zones with audible and visual alarms
  • Number of storable training files (with summaries): 99
  • Free memory display
  • Choice of 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian
  • Key-lock
  • Watch functions: alarm with snooze function, countdown timer, stop watch, display of date and week, two time zones, warning when the battery voltage is low, reminder (audible/visual), time (12/24h) with alarm, battery can be changed by the user
  • Optional accessory: G3 W.I.N.D. GPS sensor
  • Included in the scope fo delivery: textile WearLink W.I.N.D. sensor, s3 W.I.N.D. running sensor, USB 2.0 infrared interface, Polar ProTrainer 5 software, user maual
  • Chest strap size: M/XXL
Description: Polar RS800CX N RUN
The Polar RS800CX N RUN in combination with the s3 W.I.N.D. running sensor is the RS800CX's upgrade. It is the ideal training aid for athletes. With the RS800CX N RUN, Polar have developed yet another top Polar heart rate monitor which is ideally attuned to runner's requirements!

The RS800CX N RUN not only has such well known Polar functions as OwnZone, OwnCal, OwnIndex and OwnOptimizer for example, but it also convinces with further superb, new features. In combination with the s3 W.I.N.D. running sensor the current aerobic fitness and running efficiency is determined. Furthermore the cadence and stride length when running are determined. The data can be transferred to a PC via infrared. The ProTrainer 5 software enables the user to analyse the training data. The information gathered that way is the basis for the further planning of the training. The innovation: the completed route can be easily displayed on Google Earth by a click of the mouse and as a result followed, provided the G3 W.I.N.D. GPS sensor is used!
Analyse your route and have optimum control over your training and progress, identify shortcomins and make conclusions!

The Polar RS800CX N RUN comes with the WearLink W.I.N.D. chest strap and the s3 W.I.N.D. running sensor. The sensor uses the new, interference-proof 2,4 GHz W.I.N.D. (= Wireless Integrated Network Device) data transmission technology.
The RS800CX N RUN is the ideal training aid which convinces with varied functions and its versatility. The RS800CX N RUN not only convinces with those functions but also with its ergonomic design, the way the buttons are aranged and its particulary large display.
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24 months
Semiprofessional use
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Professional use
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Opinion of other customers:

Polar RS800CX N RUN de by Harald Teufel on 25.08.2012
Toller Laufcomputer, einfache Bedienung, kann diese Uhr nur weiterempfehlen
Video: Polar RS800CX N RUN

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