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Skipping ropes

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Rope skipping is a complete whole body training which is ideal for increasing stamina and improving coordination. The training with a skipping rope demands effectively, arms, legs, shoulders, and the trunk muscles. What became famous in boxing, has been established in fitness for the last years.

Sport-Tiedje offers skipping ropes of several renowned manufacturers like Everlast, Kettler, Taurus Boxing, Excellerator, U.N.O, Reebok, Sportsworld, B.S&T or Hock. Skipping ropes differ in material, weight, and in shape of handles as well as material of the rope. Ball bearings provide smooth swinging features, heavier handles give an additional training effect. Some skipping ropes have a display integrated in the handle, which shows number of hits, training time, and calory consumption.

Determine the correct length of a skipping rope, when you stand with both feet on the middle of the rope. Rope ends should ideally reach until under the armpits.
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4.67 / 5 3 Customer ratings
Item number: PSR-PRO
PROspeedrope skipping rope PRO purchase online now
The PROspeedrope skipping rope PRO is perfect for frequent and intensive use thanks to its excellent workmanship and use of best materials. The pro skipping rope has a very long durability.
plus delivery
  • Skipping rope of professional quality: very durable and hard-wearing
  • Length is individually adjustable (max. 300 cm)
  • Very good ball bearings
  • For optimal grip: neatly treated surface
  • Incl. accessory: adjustment weights and tools
In stock!
4.83 / 5 29 Customer ratings
Item number: EXC-PV007-255
Excellerator skipping rope Professionell PVC purchase online now
The Excellerator skipping rope Professionell PVC is the competition version of the "fastest skipping rope in the world".
plus delivery
  • Ergonomically formed grips
  • Smoothly-working ball-bearings
  • 8mm PVC-rope
  • Lengths available: 255 cm, 285 cm
In stock!
3.9 / 5 20 Customer ratings
Item number: TB-9300
Skipping rope Taurus Pro Speed purchase online now
The Skipping rope Taurus Pro Speed is excellent for intensive warm-ups as well as challenging coordination and cardiovascular workouts.
plus delivery
  • Steel skipping rope, rubber-encased
  • Length of steel rope: approximately 280 cm
In stock!
4.64 / 5 25 Customer ratings
Item number: TB-9310-125
Taurus Pro Speed Skipping Rope With Weights purchase online now
The Taurus skipping rope's heavy grips are made of black plastic and increase the training effect due to the extra weight.
Starting from
plus delivery
  • Rubber-encased steel rope
  • Length of the steel rope: approx. 300 cm (adjustable)
  • Black plastic grips: 2 x 125g or 2 x 225g
  • Available: 2 x 125g (£11.90), 2 x 225g (£15.90)
In stock!
4.56 / 5 9 Customer ratings
Item number: EXC-PV002-255
Skipping rope Excellerator Professionell PVC purchase online now
Thanks to its smoothly-working ball-bearings, the Skipping rope Excellerator Professionell PVC makes even extreme rotation speeds possible.
plus delivery
  • "The fastest skipping rope in the world"
  • Ergonomically formed grips
  • Smooth ball-bearings
  • 6mm PVC-rope
  • Additional weights are optionally available
  • Lengths available: 255 cm (red), 285 cm (blue)
In stock!
5 / 5 1 Customer rating
Item number: ADRP-11014
adidas Weighted Professional Speed Rope purchase online now
The adidas Weighted Professional Speed Rope is a high-quality skipping rope equipped with two additional weights each of 50 g for arm workouts. The rope is 2.8 m long and can be shortened.
plus delivery
  • adidas Weighted Professional Speed Rope - skipping rope with additional weights
  • 2 x 50 g weights in handles (can be removed)
  • Length of skipping rope: 2.80 m
available from approximately CW 22 (26.05.14-30.05.14)
4.43 / 5 7 Customer ratings
Item number: EXC-PL001-255
Excellerator skipping rope professional leather purchase online now
The best skipping rope of the world.
plus delivery
  • 6mm leather rope
  • ergonomically formed grips
  • easy-going ball bearing
  • additional weight optional
  • Lengths available: 255 cm, 285 cm
In stock!
4.43 / 5 21 Customer ratings
Item number: ST-JR01-bl
Sport-Tiedje Speed Rope purchase online now
The Sport-Tiedje Speed Rope is a fast rotating skipping rope for exercising stamina and coordination.
plus delivery
  • Fast rotating skipping rope
  • For exercising stamina and coordination
  • Length: 3.0 m
  • Versions available: black, grey
In stock!
5 / 5 1 Customer rating
Item number: TB-ASL082
Taurus skipping rope Speed purchase online now
The Taurus skipping rope Speed is excellent for a cardiovascular training. It is very durable; the encased steel rope is adjustable in length and the rubberized handles rest optimally in the hand.
plus delivery
  • Ball-bearing Taurus skipping rope Speed
  • Encased skipping rope can be shortened
  • Ergonomic handles with special rubber coating
  • Rope length: 260 cm/grip length: 13.5 cm each
In stock!
Less than 5x available
5 / 5 1 Customer rating
Item number: EXC-PW004
Excellerator Additional weights for skipping rope Professionell purchase online now
Using the Excellerator additional weights, you can exercise more efficiently with the Excellerator skipping rope Professionell.
plus delivery
  • weight set made of 2x 154g
  • made of galvanised steel
In stock!
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1-10 from 35 results
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