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  1. Set targets

      What do you want to achieve with your workout?

      Muscle formation, improvement of endurance or elasticity, muscle tightening, prevention, stabilisation, etc.

  1. Concentration on the workout 

      Try to give consciously just your workout unit and do not be distracted.

  1. Correct motion sequence

      In order to get a health-oriented and joint-gentle workout, a correct motion sequence is important for strength training. You should orientate yourself on exercise posters or books about the topic strength - especially regarding free weight training. The use of the knowledge of a sports scientist or a trainer would be optimal.

  1. Proper breathing

      Breathe out during the stress and breathe in during recovery. You feel that the body gets relaxed during breathing out and the resistances are more easily be moved. Do not make the mistake and stop breathing during the stress. This could lead to a press stress - you get red in the face and small blood vessels get burst. Strength training also gets optimized considering breathing.

  1. Sufficient hydration

      Drink, drink, drink! A necessity for endurance as well as strength training! 

      Put your drinking bottle near to your workout place.

  1. Enough regeneration phases

      Provide your body and your muscles the neccesary regeneration after the strength training. Only a relaxed muscle is completely fit.

  1. Workout multitude

      Demand different muscle groups. Be precise and try to exercise whole body zones, i.e. torso muscles (on the front) and subsequently torso muscles (on the back). This stimulates a balanced workout regarding stabilization and your posture.

  1. Proper workout planning

      Start your workout with a warm up of about 10 minutes, i.e. with an ergometer workout. Then turn to your strength training and specialize, for instance, first on one to two exercises per muscle group. Exercise in the zones of torso (on the front and on the back), chest, back, and legs. Finish your strength training with a cool down of about 8 minutes and a precised stretching. 

  1. Knowledge of action and effects

      You should be familiar with strength training and its possible effects.

  1. Workout diary

      Keep a record of your workout units. Write down muscle groups, the corresponding exercises, intensity, repetitions, series and breaks. You get an overview and have a motivated and success-oriented workout.

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