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100 questions & answers regarding the topic abdominals - abdominal muscles and their training


Regarding anatomy, abdominals are skeletal muscles put on on both sides of the abdominal wall. These muscles are divided into a superficial and deep muscle group. Abdominals stand for strongly developed abdominal muscles which are covered by just few fatty tissue. The musculature of the abdominal region is multiple curved. In general, there are 6 visible curvatures. Regarding anatomy, abdominals are an outline of the rectus abdominis muscle under the skin. The horizontal divisions are built by dividing tendons.


Nowadays, abdominals are an indicator of attractiveness. Even fitness is closely related to the look of the abdomen. Stamina training and a well-balanced nutrition are basic prerequisites for an efficient abdominal training. The body fat percentage should be taken into consideration as well.


Have a look at the following 100 questions and answers regarding the topic and benefit from simple tips for an effective abdominal training. Read, i.e., how you can motivate yourselves, when the body is really burning fat or whether body fat monitors (scales) are really useful.


Get to know more in these categories:

- General questions about abdominals

- Anatomy of abdominals

- Nutrition tips regarding the topic abdominals

- Exercise tips regarding the topic abdominals

- Training tips for beautiful abdominals

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