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Abdominals - training tips


What has to be payed attention to for abdominal training ?

  • Always keep abdominal muscles tightened.
  • Do not forget breathing !
  • Do not take a swing. A controlled repetition of exercises is possible.


How should abdominal training be planned ?

  • In general, you should make a schedule - that's how motivation is easier. It has to be clear from the beginning that it is not easy to make abdominals visible. You face a lot of hard work. However, you should never forget fun ! Fruits, vegetables and especially a lot of water should also play an important role.


What does abdominal workout depend upon ?

  • Plan each exercise so that you reach the performance limit at 12 to 15 repetitions.
    Very important: all exercises should be without swing and be accomplished slowly.
    Do not forget to keep continuously muscle tension.
    It is also important to keep a break of at leat 24 hours after each workout, because muscles can grown during these rest periods.


How often should abdominals be exercised per week to get well-defined abdominals ?

  • Twice to three times a week are completely sufficient. Muscles need time to recover after each workout sequence, because the muscle does not grow while exercising but in a rest period.


How can you be motivated for abdominal workouts ?

  • It is recommended to have a training journal. That's how you can record the achieved successes. A foto before can serve as incentive to keep your training plan. Body data (as i.e. abdominal, chest and biceps circumference) can be recorded in the training journal. Once a week, you should stand on a scale. Furthermore, make a note of the number of covered crunches, i.e.


How do abdominals get even thicker for already existing well-defined abdominals ?

  • A training of all muscle parts of the rectus abdominis muscle is very useful (10 to 12 exhausting repetitions are possible). Bear in mind that exercises should be accomplished in different angle settings.


What results in a maximum growth of abdominal muscles ?

  • The growth can be stimulated even more when the pace varies while exercising.


Well-defined abdominals without strength training ? Is that possible ?

  • It is very simple: with the so called "eagle run". Here, arms are stretched to the side or upwards for at least a minute while running. Thereby, arms do not counteract to rotation of the torso and the trunc has to take the task itself.


How do you burn most fat while exercising ?

  • The optimal fat burning is achieved by stamina sports and in a pulse zone of 60 to 70 % (rule of thumb: 220 minus age).


When is fat burnt while exercising ?

  • Energy production feeds from fats and carbohydrates from the beginning during low intensities. 

Does fat disappear from zones where muscles are built ?

  • As the body has only one metabolism system, fat cannot be precisely burnt in special zones.


Is there a secret recipe for strong muscles and a flat abdomen ?

  • Boxing stands for burning many calories in a very short period of time. Fun is also provided for this kind of sports. So, just start your boxing workout today.


Despite sit-ups, I don't get well-defined abdominals - why ?

  • The deciding factor is the body fat percentage. Unfortunately, the body stores most fat in the abdomen. It is also important to combine strength and stamina workout and a conscious nutrition as well.


When is the ideal time for abdominal training ?

  • Most people are the fittest in the morning or in early afternoon. Direct to your feeling, then you will find the optimal time for you. 
    Bear in mind that you should wait at least 60 minutes after a main meal.


You are not motivated for abdominal training after the workout - what now ?

  • Try not to exercises crunches at the very end of the workout. You can accomplish one or two sets of abdominal exercises in the breaks between two different machine exercises.


Can well-defined abdominals be exercised by the way ?

  • Shoulders back, chest out, and tense very hard the abdomen. A straight and upright posture should be taken. This exercise should be kept at least for 60 seconds and then a break of 30 seconds. This is also an optimal exercise in office.  


What has to be reconsidered, apart from workout ?

  • An upright posture: It is just with the correct posture that well-defined abdominals stand out - so, shoulders always back. 
  • Diets alone are of no use. A precise workout and a well-balanced nutrition are better.


What are most common training mistakes ?

  • Abdominal muscle workouts each day (have a day of rest between your training days)
  • Too many repetitions per set
  • Confine too less exercises
  • Abdominal muscles are a muscle group like any other and should be exercised this way. That's why it won't get you anywhere to accomplish 30 or 40 repetitions. The right choice and sequence of exercises is decisive for success of the training. Crunches alone are not enough.


Do you need a body balance monitor (scale)?

  • These special monitors are very recommendable. They do not only indicate body weight but determine body fat percentage. This happens by means of the so called bio-impedance analysis. Here, the monitor conducts weak, harmless power through the body. Muscle tissue conducts better than fat, thereby the degree of resistance of the body fat percentage can be calculated in percent. Unfortunately, those monitors measure not that precisely. As mostly only feet have direct contact with the scales, the torso is not measured. However, there are also alternatives available with integrated handgrips, which reconsider all body segments and are much more precise in measuring. Arm, leg and trunc zone can be measured as well.


Is it possible to do some sports while having sore muscles ?

  • Sore muscles are a product of unusual muscle contractions. Because of an overloading, the fibre structure of muscles is damaged and small chaps emerge, which can cause this typical pain. In case, you still exercise, worsening or even injury can happen. It is recommended to have a break while having sore muscles until the pain is eased.


No success after four weeks of training - how can this happen ?

  • Even if no success is visible in the mirror, ligaments, tendons, and joints have changed and been reinforced during this time. Blood circulation of musculature should have also changed.


Is there any secret recipe against sore muscles ?

  • Yes, cherry juice ! A study has proved that people drinking 2 glasses of cherry juice each day are less limp and feel less sore muscles.


Is it always necessary to use machines for a workout for reducing abdomen ?

  • No, not necessarily. Sit-ups or crunches, i.e., can also be accomplished without machines. However, it should always be borne in mind that exercises are accomplished correctly and no neck tensenesses or head aches emerge.


When does the body starts to burn fat ?

  • First of all, the body takes its energy from sources as i.e. creatine phosphate or glucose. This sugar is often burnt under use of oxygen, sometimes even without. Another source of power is the fatty depot. Most of all, it is stated that fat burning just starts after half an hour - this is not true. People who run slowly, i.e., burn fat from the beginning. However, the total energy rate is less for low intensity.


Does magnesium really helps against cramps ?

  • Cramps develop from lack of electrolytes, which can emerge during higher and longer intensity.  Here, a fruit juice spritzer with a bit of sodium and salt can help as well. This compensates the lack. An athlete should intake 400-600 mg of pure magnesium to feel any effect. A very good possibility to stop cramps are stretching exercises for affected areas.


Abdominal muscle training - each day ?

  • In order to see a lasting success, you do need 1 to 2 workout units per week. A workout each day is not recommended - muscles need some time to recover in between.


Is it recommended to exercise abdominal muscles with a high number of repetitions ?

  • Not necessarily, abdominal muscles are built like every other muscle. If you take heavy weights, i.e., 6 to 10 repetitions should be sufficient so muscles do not get worn out. Many repetitions burn no fat, unfortunately, but strength stamina is exercised.


Stitching during the workout - what can be done ?

  • Stitching happens most often for sports which include ramming and/or rotating motions of the torso. Stitching can be connected to the movement of inner body organs and possible elements, which are responsible for maintaining a stable posture.  
  • Big quantities of solid food - especially carbohydrate-high - should be avoided just directly before or during the workout.


Which gymnastics ball is the best one for exercising ?

This depends upon size :

  • up to 1.52 m -> 45 cm in diameter
  • up to 1.68 m -> 55 cm in diameter
  • up to 1.78 m -> 65 cm in diameter
  • more than 1.78 m -> 75 cm in diameter


Which different abdominal trainers are available ?

  • We differentiate simple abdominal trainers for supporting crunch motion (i.e. AB-Roller) as well as abdominal benches for additional back exercises. All abdominal trainers differ in equipment, motion, ergonomics, and stability.


Which machines are suitable for me being a beginner ?


Which machines are recommended for advanced users ?

  • Abdominal bench (weight bench)
  • Abdominal trainer AB-Trax
  • Abdominal and back trainer


 Which machines are recommended for professional athletes ?

  • Absolo abdominal trainer
  • Hoist abdominal and back trainer
  • Hoist abdominal bench


What is better: stamina workout at first or strength training at first ?

  • It is recommended to always start with stamina and then switching to strength training. Stamina workouts after a strength training slowdown positive effects respectively you are getting so much exhausted after a strength training that you would not hold out for a long time.


Stamina sports despite a cold ?

  • A harmless cold can become very risky in a short time. Those, who do not take care, can even risk a heart muscle inflammation. Bacteria can spread in blood circulation and settle on heart valves. Even if it is "just" sore throat or a blocked nose, training should be cancelled.


What does strength training contribute to the training success ?

  • The muscle tissue has a higher metabolism, this means that the tissue consumes energy around the clock.
  • Muscle growing is stimulated in many areas at the same time because of whole body training.
  • Big muscle groups show higher consumption data, so exercise especially thighs, bottom, chest, and upper back.
  • Several muscle groups can be exercised at the same time (i.e. biceps curls can be combined with a lunge in standing position).  


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