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Abdominals - In general


What do abdominals exactly mean ?

  • They are a description for strongly developed abdominal muscles which are covered by just few fatty tissue. Mostly, there are six visible curvations (three on each side). 


Are well-defined abdominals a realistic aim ?

  • Everyone can reach this aim with an adapted nutrition and the appropriate workout. An optimal abdominal muscle workout lays open the existing abdominals and lets disappear love handles.
  • However, look and building of abdominal muscles depend upon genetic conditions and cannot be changed. Factors like genetics, muscle shape, and quantity of tendons are very important - these cannot be influenced. This means that it is not possible for every person to get well-defined abdominals. However, everyone can build its individual abdominals.


Is it possible to reduce weight precisely in abdominal zone ?

  • This is not possible, unfortunately. When you reduce your weight, you will recognise this in your face at first. Unfortunately, the body tempts to get in a fatty depot above the abdominals - for bad times. Don't lose heart. A regular abdominal workout helps and tightens the trunc muscles as well.


How do you get flat abdominals ?

In general, the following applies:

  • Flat abdominals are built by low body fat.
  • There are no machines, devices or methods which solely burn fat on abdominals.
  • Just abdominal workout does not result in flat abdominals but in building basic abdominal muscles.


Once the fat is away, does it come back ?

  • The stricter the calories reduction, the safer you will regain the lost-thought calories and - mostly - even more. The body recognises famine when it gets too less calories. The body goes easy in that case. Those who wish to reduce weight and stay slim have to change the consumption over a longer period of time (i.e. more motion). Furthermore, you should eat so that the calorie intake is not that much below the consumption.


Do all men can get a beer belly ?

  • Of course ! As soon as there is no time for exercises and eating habits change, the belly of most men grows. Sporty activities should be regularly exercised and be a fixed part of life. the best option is to exercise together with friends, because then cancelling is not that easy.   


How do you define your abdominal muscles ?

  • If the basis for abdominals exists, it is just important to reduce body fat percentage. This is done by an intensive stamina training and a great changeover of nutrition. The best way is to renounce to a great extend carbohydrates as well as fat and salt. Chicken, i.e., should be steamed but not fried. Low-fat curd cheese, cottage cheese, and raw vegetables should be put on the menu in a higher quantity.


Why do older persons have a "fat" belly mostly ?

  • Unfortunately, getting older means to lose about 5% of the own strength every 10 years and to put on weight. However, it is possible to counteract with a precise strength training. Energy, strength, fat burning, and flexibility are also exercised. Here, it is also the principle: the higher the muscle mass, the more calories are burnt.


Is abdominal fat especially dangerous for metabolism ?

  • Unfortunately, yes ! Hormones, which increase blood pressure, can be produced in the fat typical for beer belly. A result can be diabetes.


No motivation - what now ?

  • The best option is never to exercise alone, but always with a partner or best friend. Being alone, there is no obligation and you rather tempt to say "no" and to drag along. A possibility to overcome baser instincts is, i.e., a small penalty when the workout is missed. It is well-known that money is a good lever.


Does smoking influence the success of training ?

  • Muscles are not well supplied with oxygen because of increased carbon monoxide level. Thereby, fitness is reduced and contraction gets weakened. This means that less weight can be lifted.


Well-defined abdominals - are they useful ?

  • Well-defined abdominals are the last step to perfection for some persons. Furthermore, strong abdominal muscles are an ideal condition for an upright posture. Thereby, i.e., the vertebral column is relieved (this is the best protection against back pains). Moreover, abdominal muscles stabilize the trunc. Well-exercised abdominal muscles are essential for each sports.


Are abdominals a question of genetics ?

  • It cannot be denied that genetic differences between people exist. However, visibility and definition of abdominal muscles depend upon the development of subcutaneous fatty tissue. Almost everyone can get striking abdominals - but effort can be different among different persons.


What use do abdominals have ?

  • The centre of strength of the body is the abdomen. Starting from this centre, arms and legs benefit as well. A strong trunc improves posture and stability of the vertebral column. Good abdominal muscles can only work when they are supported by lower back musculature, from the opposite side. So, do not forget exercises for the back while exercising abdominals.


Is there a special way to a better shape ?

  • No ! However, the burning of energy should be higher than the intake. The best option is to increase energy consumption. You just have to move more and build muscles. If the energy requirements are increased, you can almost eat normally.


Despite sports, the scale shows more weight - how can that happen ?

  • Body fat is replaced by muscles. Muscles are heavier than fat. So, no panic and just do not weigh in the first weeks after the workout.


How can you evaluate your training successes without a scale ?

  • A look in the mirror reveals a lot. Here you can notice whether and where posture and - if necessary - the shapes have improved. Well-being are also changed.


Does ultrasound treatment destroy fat cells ?

  • Yes, this is possible. However, only small areas are destroyed. You still have to change your nutrition and to move a lot.


Is it possible that a special belt can increase body heat and cause fat reduction ?

  • Body heat only increases blood circulation. This is not related to fat reduction.


Fat can only be found around the abdomen - is that true ?

  • It has to be clear that you just get a flat abdomen when body fat is very low. The body fat percentage of men should be between 8 to 12 %. It is only then that abdominals get visible and the abdomen gets flat. Same results are possible for women for 12 to 15 %.
    This means, that the body fat percentage has to be reduced in total. If the weight is reduced, then everywhere. Fat is not only around the abdomen. Men and women have a different fat distribution. Men have most fat around the abdomen and women around abdomen, legs, and bottom.


Is it possible to precisely burn fat on the abdomen with abdominal exercises ?

  • This is not possible, unfortunately. Even 1000 sit-ups in a row do not bring the desired effect. Local fat burning is not possible.



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