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Abdominals - Nutrition 

Do you have to eat solely protein for abdominals ?

  • No, in general, protein is the muscle builder among nutrients. However, fat and carbohydrates have to be part of the menu. But mind carbohydrates - sometimes less is more.


Which food contains a lot of proteins (per 100 gram) ?

  • Turkey breast (20.7 g), tuna (18 g), Harzer (27.4 g), salmon (19.9 g), low-fat curd cheese (17.2 g), fillet of beef (17.5 g), lentils (23.5 g), soybeans (37 g), sunflower seeds (27 g).


Why should you pay attention to carbohydrates ?

  • Carbohydrates are the number one among fattening food ! You should not eat more than 100 to 150 gram of carbohydrates each day. Please pay attention to the fact that carbohydrates have a low glycemic index (up to a maximum of 40), as i.e. oatmeal or vegetables. It is important for abdominals that the main part of carbohydrates is intaken after the workout. It is only then that metabolism takes place in an increased degree.


Why should the blood sugar level be kept as low as possible ?

  • After the intake of carbohydrates, the blood sugar level increases. Thus, more insulin is distributed. This helps body's own fatty depots and stops fat reduction. Therefore, the blood sugar level should always be kept low for visible abdominals.


Does fat is a no-no ?

  • Not at all ! Fat does not let increase the insulin level although it is the most high-energy nutrient. First of all, unsaturated fatty acids should be eaten (i.e. cold-pressed oil, nuts, nut puree without sugar). Furthermore, saturated animal fats are main parts of abdominals' nutrition as i.e. eggs or beef. Please mind that you need high-energy substitutes for limited quantity of carbohydrates - because too few calories are not good for abdominals.


 What does the optimal division of nutritional values look like in relation to the day ?

  • Every 2-3 hours, you should eat a meal high in protein, because this is how some muscle building protein is always in your blood. By intaking smaller meals mor often, nutrients are optimally used by the body.


Why is it important to always drink a lot of water ?

  • Water is an important nutrient of the musculature and also the solvent and transport of nutrients in the body. A high water intake stimulates metabolism and supports the kidneys. You should drink 3 to 5 litres of water each day for abdominals. The water should be low of sodium, because sodium causes water storage and hides the view to the abdominals.


Less fat or complete abstention from carbohydrates ?

  • It is important that you consume more calories than you intake. Carbohydrates provide less calories than fat especially in, i.e., cereal products, but have a negative influence on metabolism. For the sake of health, you should avoid food like chips, croissants, and chocolate. Here, fat and carbohydrates come up as a dangerous duo.


Is it useful to eat light products ?

  • Unfortunately, some light products are cheat packages and contain as much or even more calories (of carbohydrates). It does not matter if they contain less fat. Light products tempt to eat more because you feel "safe".


What has to be taken into consideration that you do not always feel hungry ?

  • Many little meals daily 
  • Drink shakes (i.e. of skimmed milk, low-fat yoghurt, ice cubes, berries, and whey-protein powder)
  • Drink a  lot o fwater (water has no calories, it fills and supplies the body with nutrients)


Is it necessary to renounce sweets at all ?

  • There should be nothing forbidden - but access to sweets should be made more difficult. "Banish" chocolate to the cellar or it should be kept in the back corner. Bear in mind that you burn additional calories when you have to go down the cellar.


Is it necessary to always have something on you against craving ?

  • Definitely ! It is recommended to always have something on you which is low of calories and non-perishable - in the bag or car, i.e. hard cookies, prepacked rice cracker, fruit or nut bars. It has to help in case of emergency, that's all - an emergency reserve so to speak.


What does make full but not thick ?

  • Do not feel hungry but having space in the stomach.
  • Drink plenty: before and for each meal, a big glass of water should be drunken. The stomach gets filled without calorie supply.
  • Dish of fruits: there should always be a bowl next to you, full of fruits. You can have a dish full of pre-cut fruits or vegetables at work.


Which healthy snack alternatives are there ?

  • Muesli bar instead of chocolate
  • Ananas instead of banana
  • Fruit spritzer instead of fizzy drink
  • Homemade fruit buttermilk instead of bought buttermilk
  • Fruit ice instead of ice cream
  • Nuts and raisins instead of peanuts with fat and salt


Why should you renounce alcohol ?

  • Alcohol reduces fat burning and stimulates cells to store more fat. Furthermore, alcohol stimulates appetite and you eat more than it is good for you.


What else can you drink exept water ?

  • A very good alternative to water is green tea (it keeps constant the blood sugar level and lowers the hungry feeling). Other possibilities are coffee and espresso. Coffein stimulates fat burning. It is recommended to drink a cup of coffee before the workout, but no more than 4 cups a day.


Can stamina be improved by adequate food ?

  • This is not possible, unfortunately. However, muscles participating in breathing can be improved. According to a study, i.e. persons eating apples have a higher lungs capacity than those eating less apples. Apples have a healthy effect on lungs and protect against infections. Just one apple a day is already enough.


What else can be drunken instead of protein powder ?

  • Easily digestible protein is the best option after the workout. Kefir, soybean or buttermilk are very good. It is also possible to add a handful of mashed berries. The faster the body is supplied with protein after the workout, the more efficient is muscle building.


Does seafood support muscle building ?

  • Seafood contains partially a lot of protein, some examples: oysters 13 gram, shrimps 21 gram, mussels 26 gram (all per 100 gram).


Is it good to renounce breakfast to save calories ?

  • There are several studies stating persons eating breakfast in the morning intake less calories during the day. Those renouncing breakfast do not save calories - on the contrary !


The easiest way - a changeover in nutrition ?

  • Yes ! Eat less fat and carbohydrates and more fruits and vegetables. And try to drink a lot of water.


Is it recommended to drink regularly while exercising ?

  • If you run, swim or exercise a similar workout for about half an hour, you do not need something to drink in between. The loss of liquid is so low that you can refill up your water reservoir after the workout. It is recommended to mix water with calcium and magnesium to refill up the lost mineral nutrients.


How does a menu for abdominals can look like ?

  • Each divided up to 7 little meals:
  • Variety 1:  07:00 Uhr - little snack after the workout, i.e. a cup of cottage cheese
                     10:00 Uhr - scrambled eggs of 5 whites of an egg and 2 yolks of an egg as well as half a grapefruit
                     12:00 Uhr - snack, a protein shake mixed with water
                     14:00 Uhr - steamed vegetables or fresh salad
                     16:00 Uhr - snack, i.e. 2 wholemeal rice waffles
                     19:00 Uhr - roasted chicken, beef or fish with vegetables
                     22:00 Uhr - snack, i.e. 2 tablespoons of peanut puree without salt and sugar
  • Variety 2:  07:00 Uhr - a little snack after the workout, i.e. a protein shake mixed with skimmed milk
                     10:00 Uhr - scrambled eggs of 4 eggs with wholemeal bread, 6 tablespoons of oatmeal with milk
                     12:00 Uhr - snack, protein shake mixed with water
                     14:00 Uhr - roasted chicken, beef or fish with vegetables
                     16:00 Uhr - snack, i.e. 1-2 pieces of fruits
                     19:00 Uhr - chicken, beef or fish with vegetables + whole wheat rice
                     22:00 Uhr - snack, i.e. a handful of nuts + 2 slices of hard cheese


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