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Abs and back machines are ideal for an effective core training and for preventing physical discomfort
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Abs and back machine - space saving and versatile training

An abs and back machine offers you a wide-range and demanding core training - a training of all trunk muscles - and requiring just small space. Abs and back machines offer you the possibility of abs training as well as of back training in contrast to pure abs machines.

Fitness equipment like the Kettler abs and back machine Vario can be easily folded and stored after the abs or back training. This training equipment can be used as weight bench for light dumbbell training as well.

Advantages of an abs and back machine:

Train for a healthy back and do something against back pain. The abs and back machines we offer help you to do correctly the exercises for your back training and support your well-being and your health. When you train your abs, you build muscles, which are mainly neglected throughout a sitting work. Trunk muscles are mainly reduced by a posture bent forward on the desk.

The process of reduction cannot only be stopped but alos compensated by sporty training. Strong trunk muscles offer protection from back pains and injuries and also result in an upright posture. An upright posture represents self-confidence and vitality - it is attractive. For those reasons it is worthwile to purchase an abs and back machine.

That's how you achieve quicker your training targets:

The intensity of exercises can be increased, i.e., by use of weighted vests or wrist/ankle weights for very ambitious athletes. Due to the higher weight, the exercises get more intensive and you achieve earlier the aspired goal.
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