aeroSling sling trainer ELITE Set PRO

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Variety of exercises
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  • Commercial quality!
  • Special set: including wall / ceiling mount and a padded strap in size XL
  • In the sling trainer test in (number 11/2016), the aeroSoing Elite received best grades ("very good") and became the test winner
  • The Ferrari among the aeroSling sling trainers!
  • Without compromise: Dynamic, highest instable resistance training with the own body weight
  • Degree of difficulty is varied by the body incline
  • Highest coordinative demand due to innovative, ball-bearing UltraPulley:
    • Less friction and hence less wear
    • Highest instability for an extremely challenging training
    • Unbelievably great exercise variety for an intensive sling training full of diversion
  • Effective training of strength (inter- and intra-muscular) coordination, and flexibility
  • Ideal for advanced users and professional athletes
  • Use: home fitness, fitness gym, physiotherapy, personal training
  • Use of materials of highest quality (of climbing sports): extremely strong, hard-wearing compact ropes and slings to resist high loads
  • High-quality handles of commercial quality: rubber-covered aluminium
  • Anchor snap hook for a quick (dis-) assembly
  • Grip knots for quick change of length
  • Grip snap hook for easy change of accessory and full upgradability
  • Anchor sling for safe mount
  • Removable door anchor
  • Mounting possibilities: ceiling, tree, climbing frame, wall bars, door frame
  • Delivery of the aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer Pro set includes:
    • Sling trainer aeroSling ELITE Plus with UltraPulley
    • T-Mount wall / ceiling mount
    • Padded strap (Flex Handle) in size XL
    • Door anchor
    • Exercise poster
    • Access to online DVD
    • Practical mesh carry bag
  • Max. user-weight: 200 kg

aeroSling ELITE Plus - The Ferrari among the aeroSling sling trainers in the ELITE set PRO!

The aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer in the ELITE set PRO is an absolute must for everyone, who lookds for a highly professional training partner and continuously new challenges. You do not only get the Ferrari - the ELITE Plus - among the aeroSling sling trainers with the ELITE special set PRO, but a fully equipped professional solution which fulfills highest requirements. The set includes the T-Mount wall / ceiling mount and a Flex Handle in the size XL (padded strap). The aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer of commercial quality is mainly designed for experienced users of sling training and those, who have a good experience in body weight training.
The aeroSling sling trainer ELITE Plus - for a sling training of highest level!

aeroSling ELITE Plus - UltraPulley for maximum dynamics, instability, and exericse variety!

The aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer is a dynamic sling trainer. That means: it is equipped with a pully, which extends distinctively the sling training by rotating and alternating exercises and makes the training enormously diversified. All aeroSling sling trainers of the company aerobis are equipped with a pulley and are market leaders in the sling trainer category. However, compared to the aeroSling ELITE, the ELITE Plus offers a more dynamic pulley (UltraPulley) for an even more effective, more challenging training. The ball-bearing UltraPulley makes the blue main rope very smoothly rotating - that results in an enormous plus in dynamics and instability. The aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer is hence a bit more challenging than the aeroSling ELITE. The time of compromise belongs to the past!

aeroSling ELITE Plus sling trainer - The ultimative whole body training!

It's out of question, sling training has become an essential part for functional training or an effective strength and coordination training in the meantime. The special feature of the sling training is the extremely high coordinative demand due to the very high instability while doing the exercise and the use of the own body weight as training resistance. Sling training sets very intensive training stimuli and trains whole courses of motion, the deep muscles as well as the interplay of single muscle groups with almost every exercise. That makes the training with a sling trainer absolutely effective and your daily training becomes unbelievably diversified.

aeroSling ELITE set PRO sling trainer - Quality without compromise!

When you go for the aeroSling sling trainer ELITE Plus and the ELITE set PRO, you decide for quality without compromise: ball-bearing UltraPulley, rubber-coated aluminium handles, adjustable foot straps, high-quality T-Mount wall / ceiling mount, padded strap (Flex Handle) in size XL (for the hip and a thigh). The ELITE Plus sling trainer is of a modular design and can be upgraded with respective accessory. The provided anchor sling ensures that the ELITE Plus can be mounted almost everywhere. The use and the mounting are easy and quick to learn. The instructions are well illustrated and give precise explanations - from the adjustment of the handles to the mounting with the anchor sling.
Result: The unique combination of first-class components, full equipment, enormous exercise variety, and high training effectivity guarantees a high-end sling training!

The aeroSling is the test winner of the sling trainer comparison!

In the big sling trainer comparison of, the aeroSling ELITE became the test winner and left six renowned competitors behind. In the overview of the test it is striking that the aeroSling ELITE is not only the test winner but also received the best evaluation with an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Variety of exercises

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Bedingungslose Empfehlung. Nach langer Internet-Recherche ausgewählt und erfüllt meine Erwartungen 100%. Es gibt viele Schlingentrainer. Die wichtigste Unterscheidung ist, ob ein Schlingentrainer über eine Umlenkrolle verfügt, oder nicht. Die Umlenkrolle erhöht deutlich den sportlichen Anreiz. Unter den Modellen mit Umlenkrolle ist Aerosling Elite die beste Wahl. Variosling kommt nicht mit. Der wichtigste Unterschied ist, dass man mit grossen Füssen beim Aerosling besser reinkommt. Diese Erleichterung jeden Morgen! Generell: Ich mag besonders, wie schnell man die Einstellungen ändern kann. Es ist sehr wichtig, dass man die Seillängen schnell ändern kann, und beim Aerosling geht das super. Und dann die guten Videos und Anleitungen. Videos mit Übungen gibt es ohnehin viele im Netz, auch bei den Konkurrenten. Mein Training zu Hause hat sich um ein vielfaches verbessert. Die Einsatzmöglichkeiten verblüffen mich. Ich habe das Modell Elite Pro, glaube aber nicht, dass das Basis-Model, auch nach Auskunft von Aerobis irgendwie schlechter ist. Ich habe die Pro-Version nur, weil ich bei dem Preis die Versandkosten sparen konnte, und weil mir die grosse Schlaufe wichtig war. Wenn überhaupt ärgere ich mich, dass ich mich solange mit einer TRX-Kopie rumgeschlagen habe. Der Aerosling ist ohne Zweifel besser.... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Funktioniert sehr gut und lässt sich einfach verstellen. Trainieren oft mit dem Schlingentrainer und sind bis jetzt sehr zufrieden.

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