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BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer

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Short description: BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer
BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer at an unbeatable price-performance ratio (the costs of other EMS devices of the same quality are beyond 10,000 €)!

Product details: BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer

  • BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer combines the latest scientific knowledge with design and quality "Made in Germany"!
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio (the costs of other EMS devices of the same quality are beyond 10,000 €)!
  • EMS whole body training is perfect for the following training targets:
    • muscle building
    • Improvement of strength
    • Body toning
    • Stabilisation of spine, trunk, and joints
    • Reduction of girth
    • Metabolism activation
    • Improvement of cardiovascular system
    • Strengthening of pelvic base muscles
  • Effective training in just 15 minutes!
  • Due to the high intensity, two training sessions of 15 minutes each a week are sufficient to achieve your targets!
  • Incl. breathable electrode vest (for abdominal muscles and back), electrode straps (for arms and legs) as well as functional underwear!
  • Other electrode vests' sizes on request
  • 5" TFT console with intuitively operable user surface
  • 10 different programmes; of it seven muscle building, two cardio, and one massage (leg) programme(s)
  • Impulse intensity is individually controllable per muscle group
  • Device characteristics:
    • Case: aluminium anodised; 3.5 kg
    • Display: 5" TFT
    • Operating concept: central controller
    • Power supply: 16.8 V
    • Effective current (RMSA): 34 mA
    • Effective voltage: 12.8 V
    • Degree of protection: IP52
    • Languages: German, English, Russian, Polish, Greek
  • Made in Germany

Description: BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer

What does EMS training stand for?

EMS stands for "electro-muscle stimulation". This training method sets electric impulses to make the body muscles contracting in a controlled way. Due to the simultaneous activation of all muscle groups (arms, legs, chest, abdominal muscles, back, and gluteal muscles) by means of a tight vest, the EMS training is a real whole body training for compensating relieving postures and for avoiding one-sided strains or incorrect strains and imbalances (dysbalances).
Another essential aspect of EMS training is the saving of time. Just 15 minutes of EMS whole body training can improve performance, which are hardly to achieve with a classic training and a time exposure of several hours.
That's why EMS training is used at most twice to three times a week, because the body needs about 48 hours to regenerate from such a power workout.

The small required space (1 square metre) and the mobile devices make an EMS training possible at almost any place.

Positive effects of the EMS training

Every year, the EMS training gains more and more and more in importance in fitness and competitive sport and helps to influence positively the multiltude of training targets.
Due to the muscle building and strength increasing effects, outstanding successes are provided in therapy - as for instance, for building and maintaining the muscles after injuries and surgeries.
Other great positive effects are achieved in the treatment of back pains. Here, the advantages of EMS training are that even the deep muscle fibres (also called core muscles) are trained with an effective impulse and hence the strength increases within a short time.

EMS training presents an effective strength as well as cardio training method, which can be done without high loads on the joints: girth and weight reduction, muscle building, pain reduction or/and improved cardio performance are among the most frequently given training targets of EMS users.

Scope of the EMS training

In recent years, mainly small fitness gyms (so called micro gyms) haven taken advantage of the effectivity of this training method - and it is also more and more used by physicians, physiotherapists, rehabs as well as practice. Even high-performance athletes use the EMS training at intensive training centres as addition to their sport type specific training and for increasing strength and speed.

Just a minimum percentage of the sold EMS devices can be attributed to private users. It is due to the high cost of acquisition beyond 10,000 €.

It is over now: The BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer sets itself apart from the EMS devices, which are available on the market up to now, mainly in terms of price and offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer

The BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer combines latest scientific knowledge with design and quality "Made in Germany". Thanks to the intuitively to use user interface, the beginner as well as the experienced EMS user will quickly find the appropriate EMS training programme. The BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer offers three modes (level 1 to 3) and ten different programmes, which differ in frequency, impulse duration, pause as well as contraction duration. By means of the 5" TFT console and control knob, the pulse intensity can be easily controlled for every muscle group.

The provided BeastBeauty electrode vest is made of a breathable carrier fabric and is available in different sizes - due to the slightly different attachment of electrodes for women and men (note: the electrode vest is very big; for a height of 180 cm and a weight of 80 kg, we recommend size S).
The size adjustment makes the adaption of the electrode vest to almost every shape type possible. The electrode vest is as easy to put on as the functional underwear, which is included in delivery, and the electrodes fit on the correct position without much effort. The impulse of the Beast&Beauty electrode vest is equally transmitted via the whole electrode surface.

By the way: EMS is not EMS

Many EMS suppliers combine EMS training with classic courses of motion like sit-ups or deep squats. However, the idea of EMS training is to train as many muscle fibres as possible with as less effort as necessary. According to Beast&Beauty, that's only achieved by EMS training from the basic position. That means:

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees are slightly bent, keep the body upright, pull shoulder blades back down, keep elbows close to the body, upper and forearms build a 90° angle; contract intentionally all muscle groups during the impulse, relax during the impulse pause.
It may sound easy but it results in a workout that makes you sweat.

The BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer is either available as mobile device including battery or as standing device with a stable foot.
PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: BeastBeauty EMS whole body trainer

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.
Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty
Home use (Find out more)
The scope of warranty for home use includes private use of fitness equipment in a private household.

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
24 months
Semiprofessional use (Find out more)
A semi-professional use is given, when the fitness equipment is used in instutitions like hotels, schools, clubs, or for rehabilitation, company fitness, etc..

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
24 months
Professional use (Find out more)
The warranty for professional use concerns fitness equipment at public, commercial institutions (i.e., gyms).

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
24 months

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Opinion of other customers:

de by Anonym on 3.4.2018 5 Version: mobile (battery mode)
Super Gerät, welches innerhalb kürzester Zeit tolle Trainingserfolge liefert. Das Training ist einfach zu handhaben und sehr intuitiv zu gestalten. Man kann es wirklich nur jedem empfehlen. Auf Anfrage habe ich sogar eine zweite Weste in der Größe L für meinen Mann erhalten.
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