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BLACKROLL – those are fascia rollers and massage balls for easy regeneration and self-massage for everyone. The goal of BLACKROLL AG is to make an active contribution to more fitness, performance, and well-being with little effort. BLACKROLL fitness products convince users not only with their appealing price-performance ratio and their simple but effective design but, above all, with their versatile areas of application: the massage rollers and balls prevent muscle pain, improper strains, and sports injuries. Competitive and hobby athletes use BLACKROLL fitness products to warm up before sports, to relax their muscles after sports, or after a long day at work. Even beginners will find the massage products an easy introduction to sports, as the application is extremely simple. Since the material is dimensionally stable, the roller can also be used for balance and strengthening exercises. The BLACKROLL therefore covers many areas: self-massage, active regeneration, recovery, fitness, and strength and coordination training.
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Why work out using the BLACKROLL?

In recent years, fascia has increasingly become the focus of sports medicine research and therapy. After all, the fascia tissue of the body has a significant influence on the performance of an athlete and an enormous importance for prevention and rehabilitation – that was the result of the first international fascia congress in 2007 at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, with which the breakthrough for modern fascia research was achieved under co-initiator Dr Robert Schleip. BLACKROLL recognised and picked up on that trend at an early stage. Working out with BLACKROLL massage rollers and balls has been established in functional fitness, (competitive) sports, and manual therapy for quite some time. Exercises with the BLACKROLL massage roller enhance the standard workout and make previous methods more effective.

The special properties of the BLACKROLL massage roller

The BLACKROLL fitness roller is produced in Germany in an energy-saving way and consists of 100% recyclable material. In addition, the BLACKROLL is free of chemicals, odourless, waterproof, easy to clean, dimensionally stable, lightweight, sturdy, and abrasion-resistant – superior product quality, made in Germany. Highly practical: the handy foam rollers can easily be taken along on trips.

BLACKROLL: the right training device for all needs

The BLACKROLL product range includes fascia rollers and massage balls in different versions. The variety of products meets the different needs of its users. The variety of exercises with BLACKROLL massage products is enormous, as you can use the rollers and balls both on the wall and on the floor.

The BLACKROLL Standard is ideal for beginners and advanced users. Those who are sensitive to pain or have very tense body parts work out best with the soft BLACKROLL MED. Advanced and professional users achieve an especially intense effect with the somewhat harder BLACKROLL PRO. Thanks to the special surface structure, the GROOVE PRO comes with an enjoyable vibration effect. The BLACKROLL MINI is the right roller for use on the soles of the feet or the forearms. The MINI is also ideal for outdoor training, as this handy roller is easy to store.

BLACKROLL massage balls allow a targeted, punctual application on body parts that can only be reached to a limited extent with the massage roller: the arms, feet, and neck can be ideally treated with the small products. The combination of two balls attached to each other in the BLACKROLL DuoBall allows for a targeted and comfortable trigger point massage of the back and ensures that the spine is protected.

Excellent workouts with BLACKROLL

The BLACKROLL massage roller has quickly established itself on the market. Experts in sports and medicine quickly recognised the benefits of training muscles and fascia with the BLACKROLL. Back in 2009, the BLACKROLL massage roll was awarded the Physioprize of the Thieme Publishers for the "offer with the greatest benefit for the target group" at the largest physiotherapists' congress.

For trainers, physiotherapists, alternative practitioners, doctors, and more who would like to learn more about using the BLACKROLL, BLACKROLL offers an extensive programme of certified training courses around fascia training and the optimal use of BLACKROLL products.

About BLACKROLL – origin and development

The BLACKROLL brand was created in 2007 by Jürgen Dürr. The self-massage products available up to that time did not meet his high quality standards. The BLACKROLL massage roller closed that gap on the market. After only a short time, the innovative Foamroller was able to win many advocates in the health sector and in the sports and fitness industry. With that positive feedback, the product range was expanded in the following years: different versions of the fascia roller and the massage balls have since optimally supplemented the variety of applications of the standard massage roller. In the future, BLACKROLL AG will continue striving to constantly develop its products and the entire company further.
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