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Have you heard...

...which effect an optimal body composition has?



Nutrition, sports, lifestyle - aspects which have a decisive influence on your body composition. If you wish to know how efficient your personal health management is, put your body composition to the test !


What does body composition mean ?
Body composition informs about the proportion of fat mass and fat-free mass in relation to your relative body weight. This proportion helps to assess your physical condition and points to possible deficiencies.


How can body composition be determined ?
The world-wide approved method of Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is used for measuring body composition. Meanwhile, the BIA is ont only used for medical examinations but also for homeuse by means of appropriate body fat respectively body analysis monitors.


How does BIA work and what is measured ?
Stand with both feet on a body analysis monitor (and grasp handgrips - if necessary). A weak, electrical signal not sensible for human beings is conducted through the body by means of pressure contact electrodes. The signal runs through fat-free tissue as i.e. muscles and blood, but faces opposition when it meets fat. The measured run-resistance is called bioelectrical impedance. The following aspects are calculated:


Basal metabolic rate
The basal metabolic rate presents calorie consumption per day a human being needs for living in total state of rest. It describes the amount of energy needed to maintain all bodily functions. Determine your basal metabolic rate by means of our Sport-Tiedje health calculator!


Body fat percentage
Our body needs a certain fat percentage because of health reasons. The fat takes on important tasks, i.e. regulation of body temperature and protection of inner organs. A fat percentage, which is too high, is harmful, because it favors after-diseases as i.e. hypertension, heart diseases, and strokes. A fat percentage, which is too low, is harmful as well and can be the reason for stomach complaints, disorders of immune system, loss of muscular tissue, etc. Please have a look at the following illustration and find the zone of "healthy" body fat percentage corresponding to your age and gender.

Illustration 1: Basede upon NIH/WHO BMI directives. Published by Gallagher at the NY Obesity Research Center


Muscle mass percentage
The muscle mass gives an overview regarding the approximate percentage of muscles in the body. The data of muscle mass are approximate estimates derived from BIA measurement. Because of individual variety of detailed body composition, the information about universally applicable reference data for an optimal muscle mass percentage is very difficult.

Women Men
20-39 years 35-47% 40-52%
40-59 years 34-45% 35-47%
60-79 years 32-44% 35-47%

Chart 1: Positive muscle mass percentage (compare


Body water percentage
The body water represents about 50 - 65 % of the weight of a healthy human being and fulfills essential functions, i.e.:
- regulation of body temperature
- purification of the body
- transportation of nutrients, oxygen, enzymes, hormones, and glucose to the cells

- transportation of toxic agents and waste products of metabolism away from cells - for excretion

The recommended body water percentage according to WHO:
- womena 50 – 55 %
- men 60 – 65 %
- children 65 – 75 &



If you find out after a body analysis, that your body composition is not within the healthy zone corresponding to your age and gender, you can influence this positively by means of a balanced workout and a lasting nutrition change in a healthy way. 

Tip: Do not fall into extremes ! It does not only depend upon reducing weight but especially on the proportion of body fat and muscle mass. Less weight does not automatically mean that you are healthier. The redistribution of fat mass (↓) and muscle mass (↑) can possibly even lead to an increase in weight.

Please take as well into consideration that body composition depends upon daily variations. Measure your values under constant conditions and increase its validity. Please pay attention to the following:
- regular measurements
- always use the same scales
- do not use the scale at different times of a day
- measure with nothing on
- consider variations in weight because of nutrition habits / change
- explicitely for women: menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause can lead to considerable variations
- record values in a "journal" 

You wish to benefit from an extensive body analysis and fitness test which goes beyond a general determination of body composition ? Get convinced by the Sport-Tiedje Fitness analysis! The fitness analysis determines the real age of your body by means of different tests. You get a detailed overview about your body composition and an extensive evaluation of your physical condition. Our experienced and competent expert staff gives advice and support. Please contact our branches in:

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