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Safety comes first - boxing protective gear for safety for training and competition

Either doing boxing, MMA or another martial arts, sufficient protection for the training should be provided. A well-known accessory of boxing equipment are gloves as well as boxing wraps. These are worn under the boxing gloves, absorb sweat, and protect wrists from injuries.

Boxing wraps and more - choose the appropriate boxing protective gear

Depending upon your boxing training, your boxing equipment should be adapted differently. Regarding normal punch bag training, a great part of boxing equipment can be renounced - except gloves and boxing wraps. It is especially sparring or competitions, where a mouthguard and - if required - a jock strap and head guard should be used as well.

Besides boxing, the boxing protective gear offered in our range of products, it is suitable for almost any other martial arts, i.e., MMA, taekwondo, karate, jiu jitsu, kick boxing or krav maga.

Using the appropriate boxing equipment, you can reduce your injury risk and enjoy completely doing this type of sport. Here you find the appropriate boxing protective gear, of it:

  • Boxing wraps
  • Jock strap
  • Head guard
  • Mouthguards and/or gumshields
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