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Compact weights - highest quality for ambitious training

Compact weights are the choice of pros. They are sturdy, handy, and look great. Weights are fixed mounted, this means that weight plates are not changed between the exercises. There is a different dumbbell for every weight, which is optimal for the respective weight in its shape. A complete compact weight makes a compact weight set.

Benefit from the use of a compact weight:

Do your strength training exercises with the maximum flexibility thanks to this optimal shape and don't be limited in your movements by bulky weight plates. A bigger range of movement in weight training causes a better training progress and an increased flexibility of muscles.

Compact weights are a real eyecatcher in fitness rooms and offer the great advantage that they do not rotate while doing dynamic exercises like biceps curls. Compact weights are also ideal for strength training exercises like bench press with dumbbells, because they allow a maximum of range of motion thanks to their low height. Furthermore, weight plates do not block nor need to be permanently changed.

A compact weight set is a real enrichment for equiping a gym or an upscale fitness room. We offer complete compact weight sets of different weight levels. A gym compact weight set fulfills even highest requirements.

You will be inspired by the sturdiness and ergonomics of our compact weights.
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Europe's No. 1 for home fitness
67x in Europe