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Concept 2

Concept 2

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Concept 2 Rowing machine

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The rowing machines of Concept2 belong to the most popular rowing machines in the world. Worldwide, there are only few manufacturers of such a publicity like Concept2. The different models of Concept2, either rowing ergometer or ski ergometer, feature an enormous stability, ideal workmanship, and extreme durability. Of course, the ergonomic shape and innovative design are in the centre of interest.
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Concept 2 Rowing machines for professional and commercial us

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Concept2 rowing machines are among the best rowing machines in the world - and in the view of the above, many top athletes use these machines of Concept2. The high-quality workmanship and sturdy construction make these rowing machines that durable. The maintenance costs are low and only require little time exposure. The resistance of the machine is adjustable via a lever.
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Concept 2 Accessory rowing machines

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The wide-range accessory of Concept2 makes it possible to create the training even more comfortable and more varied. Seat support, seat, and protective mat upgrade the comfort, the Concept2 Slide provides an even more natural rowing experience, and covers offer an optimal protections of your rowing machine. The SkiErg frame allows to move the SkiErg.
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Concept 2 Floor protective mats

The Concept2 protective mat is the ideal mat for your rowing machine. It protects the floor from sweat throughout exhausting workouts and absorbs the vibrations. Protective mats are mainly recommended, when the machine is placed in an apartment without a separate training room. Roommates and neighbours are less disturbed thanks to the reduced background noise.
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Each Concept2 Indoor Rower includes 30 years of experience in rowing. Peter and Dick Dreissigacker, who participated as rowers in the Olympic games in Munic in 1972, have established their company Concept2 in 1976. Being engineers, they made it their business to optimize the used material: they were the first who used carbon for belts and skulls instead of wood. They constructed the Concept2 Indoor Rower, the first rower of athletes for athletes, five years later, in 1981. Their demand on their own invention was clear: the equipment has to completely fulfil their demands, being rower pros. This demand has remained until today. Indoor rower are used at the most rower clubs and Olympic bases as well as at several fitness studios, rehabilitation centres, hotels, and by private customers, who stay fit using the Indoor Rower.

Concept 2 Cardio training

Concept 2 Professional and Commercial Exercise Machines

Concept 2 Accessories

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