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Model 2017

Darwin upright bike HT30

Darwin upright bike HT30 13 Customer ratings
Item number DF-HT30
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Customer ratings (13)
13 Customer ratings
4.85 of 5 Stars
Sport-Tiedje test judgement (Info)
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Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 3/5 stars for Features
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 3/5 stars for Ergonomics
Smoothness of Rotation
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 2.5/5 stars for Smoothness of Rotation
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 3/5 stars for Stability
The equipment includes, i.e., the brake system providing a comfortable workout motion. In combination with the training pc, precise resistance adjustments and diversion while exercising are made possible. Transport wheels, bottle holders, pulse measuring are extras increasing training comfort or effectivity and contributing to a good evaluation.
A sturdy frame construction, high weight, and safe stastand provide stability of the ergometer. A stable ergometer has a higher weight load capacity. Frame and handlebar are less loose for higher training intensities, the ergometer is more durable.
Besides the transmission ratio, the balance unit contributes to the concentric run. It consists of balance mass, pedal bearing, ball bearings, etc.. The better the concentric run, the more joint-gentle becomes the workout.
An ergonomic construction of the rgometer prevents signs of tiredness and physiological bad postures. Details like adjustment of saddle and handlebar, a low entry, pedal sapce, and general construction of the machine provide good ergonomics.
  • Darwin upright bike HT30 Product picture
  • Darwin upright bike HT30 Product picture
  • Darwin upright bike HT30 Product picture
  • Darwin upright bike HT30 Product picture
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Flywheel mass 7 kg
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Max. user-weight 120 kg

Product details: Darwin upright bike HT30

  • Model 2017 info
  • Technical information - Darwin upright bike HT30:
    • Braking system: manually adjustable magnetic brake
    • Flywheel mass: 7 kg
    • Gear ratio: 1:9.4
    • Length of the pedal arms: 17 cm
  • Computer - Darwin upright bike HT30:
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Display of exercise profiles via LCD
  • Features - Darwin upright bike HT30:
    • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors
    • battery powered
    • Saddle adjustment: horizontal, vertical
    • Handlebar adjustment: incline
    • pedals with toe clips and straps
    • Extras: transport wheels,
  • Upright bike for starting a regular, light home training, good price-performance ratio
  • Durable and almost maintenance-free thanks to drive belt and smooth magnetic brake
  • Very easy to use
  • Good sitting adjustments and comfortable saddle
  • Slim, space-efficient design
  • Max. user-weight - Darwin upright bike HT30: 120 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Darwin upright bike HT30: (L) 108 cm x (W) 56 cm x (H) 139 cm

Description: Darwin upright bike HT30

Sport-Tiedje test judgement (Info)
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 3/5 stars for Features
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 3/5 stars for Ergonomics
Smoothness of Rotation
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 2.5/5 stars for Smoothness of Rotation
Upright Bikes Test grading for Darwin upright bike HT30: 3/5 stars for Stability

Classic upright bike of great design

The Darwin upright bike HT30 offers a very easy start into cardio training at home. It is mainly focused on the comfort throughout the training session. Thus, the saddle is vertically and horizontally adjustable - nothing which can usually be taken for granted! Hence different users can choose their favourite sitting position. The incline-adjustable handlebar is equipped with hand pulse sensors. The display clearly shows all important training information, so that you can control your training respectively. The control is quite easy: your settings are quickly done by means of a control knob.

Warranty conditions: Darwin upright bike HT30

The guarantee is valid in terms of the general statutory provisions for the end user.

Darwin upright bike HT30 Test & Evaluations:

3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
4.85 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

en by Kevin on 14.1.2016 5
Gute Qualität für wenig Geld. Man kann bequem sitzen und der maximale Widerstand ist für unseren Zweck völlig ausreichend. Optisch fanden wir das Gerät auch recht ansprechend.
nl by Marcel on 9.8.2017 5
Gekocht om te revalideren. Prima in te stellen en duidelijke monitor.
nl by Erik on 9.8.2017 5
Een perfect en simpel model om op te fietsen. Gekocht voor mijn vader die wat meer moest bewegen. Hij fietst er elke dag naar tevredenheid op.
de by Anonym on 14.7.2017 5
Guter Heimtrainer in hervorragender Qualität, für Einsteiger völlig ausreichend. Der Heimtrainer steht sehr stabil und ist im Betrieb sehr leise.
de by Anonym on 28.6.2017 5
Mir ging es um ein Gerät, auf dem ich beim Fernsehen bzw. zu Hause unkompliziert ein wenig radeln kann. Ein vor Jahren erworbener Hometrainer und andere Geräte in dieser Preiskategorie (günstig für einen Hometrainer), die ich in Sportgeschäften ausprobiert habe, boten allerdings auch auf der höchsten Stufe nicht ... [Read more]viel Widerstand, weswegen ich mir teils etwas "gefrotzelt" vorkam - etwas anstrengen will man sich ja doch! Bei diesem Gerät war die Bandbreite beim Ausprobieren dagegen wesentlich größer (ganz leicht bis durchaus "streng"), sodass es für mich die perfekte Wahl war. Ein weiteres Plus (war für meine Wohnung wichtig): Das Gerät lässt sich gut rollen. [Show less]
de by Dr. Katharina Kopp on 20.6.2017 5
Genau das Produkt und Preis-Leistungsverhaeltnis, was ich fuer meine Mutter (80 Jahre) gesucht habe. Robust, stabil, einfach in der Bedienung, sehr sicher und komfortabel beim Training. Fuer sehr kleine Personen, waere allerdings noch eine Anpassungsmoeglichkeit der Lenker-Satteldistanz wuenscheswert.
de by Anonym on 20.2.2017 5
Dieser Hometrainer erfüllt genau die Anforderungen für ein Training zu Hause für Menschen, die sportlich sein wollen und keine Sportler sind.
de by Sauer, Heidrun on 8.12.2016 4
Ich habe mir das Gerät gekauft um meine Beweglichkeit zu stärken. Da ich an Hüftarthrose leide brauchte ich ein Gerät das ich auch im Winter bequem benutzen kann.Das aber nicht so überproportioniert ist, dass es nicht auch in meine kleine Wohnung passt. Ich lobe ihr Gerät , da ist genau diesen Zweck erfüllt. A... [Read more]lle Höhen und Abstandseinstellungen lassen sich leicht und bequem durchführen. Auch die verschiedene Trainingsprogramme sind einfach zu bedienen. Besonders angenehm ist es, dass es sich leicht wegschieben lässt. Ich bin sehr glücklich mit meiner Entscheidung. [Show less]
fi by Anonym on 15.3.2016 4
(1) Seat position can be adjusted well (up, forward, backward). If you are short, say under 165cm, and are not flexible (i.e. injured, overweight, or getting old), it may be awkward to get on the bike. But this problem is pertinent to other similar bikes on the market. (2) Pedal cranks are straight (and not curved ins... [Read more]ide as in cheapo models) and, according to the blueprints, they seem to be removable. (3) Almost silent, but not completely at every RPM. At slow revolution speeds (up to and about 80 - 84 RPM) bike is very quiet; it keeps barely audible low hum at each gear. But the hum increases noticeably, although only up to a very reasonable level, when you pedal within the approximate range of 84 - 100 RPM. Yet, increasing pedaling speed over about 100 RPM this slight hum suddenly disappears and the bike is very quiet again, and remains so even if you keep continuously increasing the pedaling speed up to 183 RPM. (The 183 RPM clocking is rather fast pedaling for home biking. For example, famous 100m sprinter U. Bolt takes on average slightly under 5 strides per second when he runs the 100meters, and 5 strides/s on track has an estimated equivalent value of "only" 150 RPM on a bike; however, some mad cyclists can go over 200 RPM on bike. Of course how fast you really go depends on the simultaneously applied force/resistance/gear level. Obviously, if you are interested in fast heavy gear pedaling, spinning bike is much better choice.) Nonetheless, I think this bike can be used very well in apartment-type households without the constant fear that pedaling would disturb even the most sensitive neighbor (assuming the bike is placed top on a mat) or other members of the family. In contrast, virtually all low budget spinning bikes, trainers, air-bikes, etc. non-magnetic systems rattle like all hell broke loose if you start pedaling even at moderate pace (say 90 - 120 RPM) at middle gear. And thus, due to their noise level, they are problematic, in apartments, for regular use. (4) Pedaling experience is smooth enough. No feeling of too smallish rotation, like in many inexpensive bikes. Also no feeling like pedaling in a mud (or pedaling a stiff stepper) even when you gear up a bit. (5) Resistance levels: 1 - 8. The resistance levels are enough for most people. Probably also enough for most half-baked semi-athletes or even for those real athletes (except, say cyclists and speedskaters, for which, I have no glue what they need), who are looking for a basic and simple bike to do low key or medium secondary workouts (like recovery pedaling, fat cutting, basic low to medium aerobics, and occasional short bursts). (6) Heart rate sensor (hand): works so-and-so. Good only for steady pedaling. And works very well for that. Value adjusts with slight lag (as expected in case of hand sensors) and oscillates constantly within /- 1 beats of correct value given by a belt-type heart rate monitor in steady workouts. But the lag is noticeable and the value stays way too low from the accurate heart beat if you do workouts where your heart beat fluctuates heavily and relatively fast. (7) Body fat sensor (hand): this is a nice feature. seems to give good approximate estimate of range of values within where my fat % falls at the moment (however, i've had not time to test the accuracy of this when there is a significant variation in my fat %). (8) Monitor also reports values for RPM, calories, BMI, distance, speed, six level fitness evaluation of recovery pulse after the session (the heart beat fitness evaluation is so-and-so; in my mind, it cannot properly separate Batman from a fatman, but may be of some use if you are not in very good condition). (9) Magnetic gear system is purely mechanical, no external power required for operation. And the monitor works with batteries. Thus, no plugging to the mains needed, as claimed erroneously on the Sport Tiedje web page. (10) Bike is rather gigantic in size, as other bikes in this class. The handlebar post (long tube)and the seat post (tube) could be white, instead of black, which would mask down the large size and still fit the style. The brand DARWIN is registered mark of Sport-Tiedje Ltd.; thus, the style combines well e.g. with Sport-Tiedjes (very nice) black 3G iron weight plates. The style and size of the bike are a bit demanding, though: If Batman had a "little" scooter, it would look exactly like this. Even so this is one of the better looking bikes I've seen, but partly because I think most of the current low-budget bikes are simply ugly design flops. (11) Good, relatively inexpensive, solid, basic, quietly operating, smoothly pedaling stationary bike for many kind of people that is not dependent upon electricity. [Show less]
de by Anonym on 22.1.2016 5
Sehr ordentliches Gerät für das Geld, läuft ruhig und rund, man sitzt bequem und die Konsole zeigt alle wichtign Informationen.
de by Anonym on 15.1.2016 5
Toller Heimtrainer. Mir gefällt neben der Bewegung auch die schwarze Farbe.
de by Paulina on 14.1.2016 5
Ich dachte immer, je teurer ein Produkt ist, desto besser ist die Qualität. Nicht aber beim dem Produkt. Hoche Qualität zu sehr niedrigem Preis. Das Ergometer ist stabil, läuft rund und leise. Was kann man sich noch wünschen? ich würde es weiterempfehlen.
de by Jan Matthiesen on 14.1.2016 5
"kostengünstige Option für gelegentliches Fitness-Training zu Hause" ---> das trifft es genau. Kein Schnick-schnack, einfache Handhabung. Sieht wertiger aus und "fährt" sich besser als sein Vorgänger aus dem Discounter.

Darwin upright bike HT30 accessory - our recommendation:

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