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Dumbbell bars 50mm - training equipment for pros

Dumbbell bars of 50mm are real equipment for pros. Either for use at gyms or for strength training at home - 50 mm bars are professional training equipment.

The advantages of a 50mm dumbbell bar are apparent compared to one of 30mm holding fixture:

  • A higher loadability (ultimate strength) of the bar.
  • Ball-bearing holding fixtures provide a comfortable and joint-gentle workout even for high training weights and dynamic weight lifting exercises.
  • Extra wide holding fixtures, so that more weight plates can be mounted on the bar.
  • 50 mm weight plates can be used, which have a lower weight tolerance. You can adjust your weight more precisely, this can be very important for preparing for a competition, i.e..

A 50 mm dumbbell bar offers many advantages you can benefit from.
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67x in Europe