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Choose your appropriate fitness equipment out of 150 brands. Our qualified staff is available over phone (free call 0800 2020 277) or in the Livesupport Chat should any questions arise regarding sport and fitness.

E-Bikes & bicycles have enormously developed since their invention. With the development of the modern bike, the requirements on bikes changed as well. Nowadays, there is a multitude of different models and bike trends, affecting children's bikes as well as street bikes. Besides new bike designs, it is mainly focused on bike safety and comfort.

Bike trend: safety

The safety requirements on bikes for children are very high, of course. Who doesn't want his child to learn cycling? The specialist for safe children's bikes is the manufacturer Puky, from which Sport-Tiedje offers you some products. The safety of your children is important for us, thus Sport-Tiedje only offers high-quality bikes of excellent quality. Cycling does not only make fun and let children discover the world, but is a great fitness program with a joint-gentle movement.

Cycling: Fitness training with comfort

Cycling makes not only fun, it also keeps in shape. You train your stamina and can stimulate your fat burning. It is a very joint-gentle movement. Besides all that sport and safety, a bike trend cannot be missed: the comfort. More and more often, bikes are equiped with an electro motor, supporting your pedalling performance. This highly developed e-bikes or pedelecs can be bought in our shop. Furthermore, we offer you high-quality and safe children's bikes.

If the weather is bad, you can also cycle at home, i.e., with one of our high-quality ergometers. When you look for a much more realistic cycle experience, then test one of our high-quality bike trainers. Get safe, healthy, and in shape - the whole year.
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