Here you get to the Endurance special part I (Endurance basics)


Have you heard...

...that workout success is mainly determined by training planning under adherence to training principles?



Each success is based upon hard work. Even for sports. You will only be successful if you have knowledge about action and effect as well as exercise target-oriented, regularly, systematically and in compliance with certain principles.

Start your workout period by planning your workout – respectively let it plan. The workout planning¹ is designed to use and place workout tasks that the general fitness is improved respectively a special athletic performance can be accomplished for a special point in time (see part I „Endurance workout targets“). At first, the requirement features of your sports are determined and a requirement profile is designed. The requirement features for runners are, i.e.: endurance ability, mental quality (will, staying power, patience, etc.) biological conditions (energy metabolism, breathing, cardiovascular system). Having set your requirement profiles, intensity normatives² are chosen which offer an orientation for you during the workout. Afterwards, corresponding workout programs can be developed. Workout tasks and contents are combined with regards to special requirements as well as workout extents, intensities are put in concrete terms and breaks are designed. Please take into consideration the following essential workout principles3 (compare. Boeckh-Behrens/Buskies, Scheid/Prohl):


- principle of biological adjustment (supercompensation4)

- principle of optimal relation between intensity and recovery

- principle of progressive intensity increase5

- principle of intensity variation

- principle of regularity of the workout

- principle of individualization


Furthermore, please adopt the following:


- always from light to difficult

- always from easy to complex

- always from known to unknown


The coherence of your personal workout concept should continuously be revised on the basis of the workout documentations / analysis, performance-diagnostic measures, etc. or as well as due to unexpected, subjective mental states!

We would like to present endurance-specific terms in this last part as in the first two parts before-mentioned. Terms as i.e. „Basic endurance“ and „special endurance“ are essential. The workout planning and conversion orientates by those two – because, just when you know which kind of endurance has to be accomplished, you can plan a sensible workout.

The Basic Endurance is subdivided into Basic Endurance I (BE I) and II (BE II) as well as Irregular Basic Endurance (IBE) (compare Scheid/Prohl).


BE I   

- Independent of sports

- Maintenance and regeneration of health and general fitness

- Basis for a workout of the conditional and coordinative abilities

- Increase of exposure agreeableness during exercise and competition

- Increase of regeneration

- Intensity level: medium intensive

   BE II

- Bound by discipline

- Development of a high initial level for a special endurance workout

- Muscular adaptation

- Develop new resources for further performance increase

- Technique economization

- Increase of exposure tolerance and staying power

- Intensity level: submaximum


- Basis for a wide technical and tactical workout

- Increase of recovery ability during the competition

- Increase of mental exposure tolerance

Chart 1: Division and features of the Basic Endurance (compare Scheid/Prohl)

Besides the Basic Endurance, there is also the special endurance. This is subdivided into short, medium and longterm endurance – terms which have been explained in the second part of our endurance special.

Thanks to an endurance workout, you can rejuvenate your body, because „menschliches Alter bemisst sich nicht nach seinem kalendarischen, sondern dem biologischen Alter und dieses wiederum nach dem Trainingszustand seines Gefäßsystems“ (translated: human age is not calculated by its calendrical but by its biological age and this is calculated by the fitness of its vascular system) (compare Jonath/Krempel). Being completed by a good workout planning, a good structure of the workout units and the consideration of special workout principles, you improve the quality of your workout and consequently your performance and health!

We recommend a regular, well-measured out workout program planned by an expert for at least eight weeks. Start your workout program with a pretest to determine your current fitness. The calculated data serve as basis for the development of your personal endurance workout plan. Close your workout period with a posttest in order to check your workout progress and to get starting points for your further workout planning.


Should any questions arise regarding the topic „Endurance“, please do not hesitate to contact our competent team including athletes and sports academics. We inform about possibilities of endurance workouts and offer a support in improvement of your fitness and health. Please get back to us and benefit from the kind and competent consultation.


1) method for systematization of future measures by which a realization of athletic performance targets are headed for in line with the times
2) Serve for precise intensity description (distance, speed, breaks) and support to systematize, document, analyse and plan the workout (impulse strength/density/duration/extent/frequency)

3) generalized, landmark, practicable oriented principles for tasks and actions of athletes
4) model clarifying the course of adaptation processes in the body (workout effects are based on adaptation processes – the organism responds to regular, adapted workout impulses with a performance increase)
5) Increase of intensity can be continuous as well as erratic

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