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Have you heard...

...that the success of a sporty workout also depends upon the structure of a single workout unit?


A useful-planned and well-structured workout unit, being part of a workout period about several weeks or even several months, lays foundations for a successful and efficiant workout. A workout unit includes the following parts/stages:

  Introduction Main Part Final Part Cool Down
Duration Appr. 10-15 min. Appr. 30-60 min. Appr. 10-15 min. Appr. 5-10 min.




Physical and mental preparation for the tasks in the main parts

Preparation of the performance readiness

Injury prophylaxis



Workout programs

Development of physical abilities

Learn, strengthen of sports motions sequences


Exposure reduction

Starting recovery

„Ease“ the organism


Regeneration of the organism

Methods of recovery

Stimulation of motivation




Warm up muscles, tendons and ligaments

Ease tensions

Stimulate cardiovascular, breathing and metabolic processes

Increase the speed of transferring of the nerves

Preaparation of special motion sequences

Stimulation of motivation and concentration



Maintenance and improvement of the fitness

Maintenance and improvement of the physical fitness

Training of the conditional abilities

Tactical behaviour

Competition preparation


Loosening and recovery of the musculature

Easing of breathing and cardiovascular system


Massage, sauna, ice bath, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenous workout, etc.






Average intensity

Slowly increase intensity

You should not get out of breath and be able to have a conversation easily.

After warming up, there is a short stretching program (each exercise of 10-20 sec., never suddenly, easy breathing, always releasing between the exercises)



Duration depending upon the workout content

Form of intensity in compliance with the main goal

Consideration of intensity agreeable- ness


Duration depending upon the accomplished content

Choose easy forms of motion

Do not forget the stretching program


Easing intensity

Chart 1: Structure of a workout unit – duration, targets, tasks, hints


Ask yourselves the following questions before each workout unit respectively workout period:

WHO? (group analyses) WHAT? (workout targets) HOW? (method) WHERE? (place analysis)
WHEN? (time analysis) WHEREBY? (workout content) WHAT WITH? (workout mean)  
Chart 2: Questions
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