Train independently with Finnlo Autark multi-gyms!

The name says it all: the Finnlo Autark multi-gyms offers the biggest possible independence. Train safer with multi-gyms than doing free training or Functional Training. The exercises are guided on multi-gyms. Hence false movements and false postures are avoided during the exercises. With a Finnlo multi-gym you are independent from a personal coach at gym, you can train with an Autark of Finnlo at home – independent from opening hours, monthly fees, and all other disadvantages of a fitness gym.

Finnlo Autark is a modular multi-gym system, that means that many models are based upn each other; the bigger Autark models are upgraded by another module then. Hence, you can turn the Autark 2200 into an Autark 2500 by purchasing an additional leg press module.

Finnlo Autark multi-gyms in an overview

The range of products of the Finnlo Autark multi-gyms includes simply, space-efficient beginner models to bigger training modules, which offer more exercising varieites than other professionally equipped fitness gym.


Finnlo Autark 2500 KraftstationFinnlo Autark 2500 multi-gym

Finnlo Autark 2500 multi-gym – the top model of the Finnlo Autark multi-gyms

You can do a complete training for the upper and lower part of the body at home with the Finnlo Autark 2500 multi-gym. In contrast to the fitness module Autark 2200 of Finnlo, the Finnlo Autark 2500 multi-gym is additionally equipped with a leg and calf press. Together with the leg curl and extension, the Finnlo Autark 2500 multi-gym guarantees an effective leg training like at a gym.


Finnlo Autark 2200 KraftstationFinnlo Autark 2200 multi-gym

Finnlo Autark 2200 multi-gym

Like the Finnlo Autark 1500, the Finnlo Autark 2200 multi-gym offers wide training possibilities. The most important equipment is the leg extension and curl, a chest strap, a butterfly, a lat pull, and different cable pull versions, which offer a diversified use. In addition, the Autark 2200 is also equipped with a lateral cable pull.


Finnlo Autark 1500 KraftstationFinnlo Autark 1500 multi-gym

Finnlo Autark 1500 multi-gym

The offers many exercises and is equipped with a weight block of 80 kg. Hence it is suitable for beginners with ambitions and trained home strength sportsmen. The includes diverse accessory and can be upgraded by the use of further modules.


Finnlo Autark 800 KraftstationFinnlo Autark 800 multi-gym

Finnlo Autark 800 multi-gym

The little multi-gym Finnlo Autark 800 offers many different exercising possibilities for the strength training at home. Providing butterfly arms, a middle cable pull, and a lat pull, the whole upper body can be trained. On the lateral cable pull, free strength training exercises can be done.


Finnlo Autark 600 KraftstationFinnlo Autark 600 multi-gym

Finnlo Autark 600 multi-gym

The compact multi-gym Finnlo Autark 600 is now available in precious black design. Apart from that, it all remains the same: The Finnlo multi-gym offers many training possibilities and requires only small space. With a height of less than 200 cm, it fits perfectly in small fitness rooms!
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