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Wristbands, activity trackers, and pulse watches by Fitbit are the ideal workout partners for achieving your athletic goals. As a leading company in that sector, Fitbit continues to create new standards in the development of high-quality and multifunctional products for measuring and analysing movement and body activity. In addition to being able to track everyday movements or sports activities such as running or road cycling, a Fitbit wristband can also be used to record and evaluate data on body weight, nutrition, and sleep. Exercise efficiently, stay motivated, live more healthily – with an activity tracker by Fitbit. You will find the right product for your individual fitness style in our Fitbit range.
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Fitness training with added value - the Fitbit Surge activity tracker

With the Fitbit Surge, we carry one of the most versatile and best activity trackers on the mobile fitness equipment market for measuring and analysing your activity. The Surge activity tracker sets the standard for precision and reliability. Via GPS, you can easily track your workout and keep track of your selected training route during and after the workout. How fast, how far, how long am I running? Questions to which Surge has an accurate answer ready, thanks to its sophisticated eight-sensor technology. That technology not only provides you with important information on heart rate and calories burned: it also precisely tracks statistics on the steps you have taken and the active minutes you spend in everyday life. And all that in real time.

Surge offers another useful function with its automatic sleep detection for a precise analysis and optimisation of your sleep behaviour in order to start everyday life with even more energy and performance. The Surge also proves its great versatility with its SmartTrack multi-sport function for automatic recognition of your workout type. All statistics are automatically synchronised with your computer or smartwatch as needed. With the Fitbit Surge activity tracker, you are literally always up to date on your progress.

Fitbit wristbands: even more fun and motivation during workouts thanks to interaction

Fitbit knows: staying motivated in the long run when working out alone is difficult for a lot of people. In developing its high-quality products, Fitbit therefore counts particularly on perhaps the best motivator of any fitness workout, which is also one of the biggest antagonists of your comfort: interactivity. Compatible with over 200 smartphones, you can access the Fitbit dashboard online while on the go to view charts and graphs of your progress at any time, as determined by your Fitbit wristband. With the help of rankings and group competitions, you and your fellow fitness enthusiasts can challenge each other or cheer each other on. Share workout stats with friends, relatives, or colleagues, push each other to perform even better, succeed together, experience fitness together – Fitbit activity tracker.

Fitbit: people's health as a corporate mission statement

Behind the Fitbit company are the two founders James Park and Eric Friedman from the US. In 2007, the two fitness visionaries embarked on their mission to inspire and motivate people to live more active and conscious lives. Fitbit was the first company ever to develop automatic and wireless synchronisation of workout data with smartphones and computers. Fitbit operates globally from its branch offices in Dublin, Hong Kong, Minsk, and New Delhi, among others. The headquarters are in San Francisco, California. With its innovative and user-friendly products, Fitbit inspires millions of users, thus making an important contribution to people's better health and well-being.
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