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General Tips


Which dumbbells should be used at least for homeuse - to strengthen upper arm muscles ?

  • The weight should always allow slow and precise exercises. It is especially recommended for fitness beginners to start exercising slowly at the beginning and to choose less weight (1-2kg). Several repetitions are recommended as well. Dumbbell sets including different weights are a good alternative.


What can you do against permanent neck pains ?

  • Neck pains result from muscle tensenesses. Lack of exercise and one-sided exertions always cause these tensenesses. It is especially at the workplace where you should mind an appropriate posture and a place to work/sit which is adjustable in height. Strengthening exercises (i.e. using therabands) are recommendable for muscle building and to strengthen the neck.


What is the best aid against sore muscles ?

  • Painkillers: A simple painkiller is sufficient to loosen up the body. 
  • Sports salves: They support blood circulation and regeneration of muscles. 

  • Baths: The blood circulation in muscles is stimulated. The bath should be warm, not cold. Cold paralyzes nerves.

  • Motion: Sports like swimming often support regeneration. 

  • Massage: Do not knead but softly stroke the muscles.


Is it true that kilograms only disappear while sweating ?

  • Transpiration has nothing to do with fat burning. You just lose water and nutrients. The loss of water should be compensated in time. 


Is it harmful to have a sauna directly after the workout ?

  • It depends upon the intensity of the workout. If it is not extreme, you can have a sauna. Hard workouts mean stress for the body and cause a weakening of the immune system. Having a sauna would then be an extra exertion for the organism. If you cannot renounce having a sauna, it is recommended to wait for several hours.


How can you fight precisely against problem zones ?

  • Unfortunately, there are no special exercises to lose weight on special parts of the body or to fight precisely against problems. Fat reduction always has to be considered holistically. You can get an improved look by exercising muscles all around the problem zones and to tigthen them.


Is it possible to lose weight by exercising yoga ?

  • Exercising intensive yoga, the whole body is tightened. Here, muscles compensate more energy and surplus weight can be reduced. Fat burning takes place while exercising PowerYoga. However, this kind of sports should be done regularly to achieve a good result.


What does the BMI stand for ?

  • The BMI (Body-Mass-Index) expresses the proportion of body weight and height. The calculated value is a guide number whether a person is overweight, underweight or has a normal weight. However, be cautious about the values, because the calculation only includes weight and height. There is no differentiation between weight of muscles and of fat.


What effect do Kinesio-tapes have ?

  • These elastic tapes stimulate muscles, tissue, and the lymphoid system. The "adhesive surface" causes a constant irritation on the skin, which covers pains and massages slightly the muscles.

    Tensenesses, inflammations, and pains in muscles can be treated with Kinesio tapes. Regarding bone or cartilage problems, an effect cannot be confirmed. Please mind always to ask an expert (physician or physiotherapist) to apply the tapes. 
    Preventive taping - for protection of muscles - is already a popular method in sports.


Sports outfits made of wool - are they recommendable ?

  • Besides well-known materials for functional wear, the positive qualities can also be attributed to wool. It is especially regarding outfits made of pure new wool, merino, and Iceland wool which offer a comfortable cooling effect, dry quickly, protect against UV rays, and are very breathable.


Which music is recommended for exercising ?

  • Most people adjust to the rhythm of music. Therefore, music should adjust to separate workout phases and increase with speed of motion. The ideal rhythm is 120 to 140 beats per minute and is adjusted to heart rate. You do not overexert yourselves at this pace.


Is it recommended to do sports each day ?

  • Pro: Regular workouts have a positive effect on health and well-being. Half an hour is enough to prevent cardiovascular diseases and to strengthen the immune system.

  • Con: It is not recommended to do intensively sports each day. The body regenerates less and fitness is reduced exercising intensive, daily sports. If you feel well, a bit of jogging each day can have a positive effect.  


What are the best tips for a slim abdomen ?

  • No stress: When the personal stress level is too high, the body releases more adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones increase the level of fat and sugar in blood and support the storage of fat depots. Daily stress should be reduced, i.e., with a bit of jogging.

  • Drink a lot: The recommended minimum is two litres each day. Scientists have found out that another half a litre increases the energy consumption by 50 calories. Furthermore, additional calories can be saved by regular drinking. Moreover, you should get used to drink at first - and then eat. The stomach is filled and the feeling of hunger is automatically lowered. Often, thirst is interpreted as hunger.

  • Less sugar: The quickly usable carbohydrates increase the level of insulin and slow down fat burning at the same time.

  • Eat wholemeal products: It is especially the contained roughage which stimulates fat burning. Wholemeal products should be part of the daily menu.


More motion - feeling less hungry ?

  • Does your stomach rumble ? Sports can help as appetite suppressant. The need to eat too much is reduced. Another advantage: you burn a lot of calories while exercising.


Is it enough to do sports only on the weekend ?

  • In principle: each workout session is good for the body. You should burn 2000 kilocalories by motion per week - about 300 a day - which you can do by cycling to workplace. If you only have the weekend for exercising, an appropirate regularity is necessary for being successful.


Which muscle is the biggest ?

  • This is often a controversy: some think it is the latissimus, others the glutaeus maximus. Both are correct. The latissimus in the back is the biggest muscle regarding the surface and the glutaeus regarding the volume.


Is it possible to exercise without sweating ?

  • It is possible with so called isometric exercises. The muscle is tensed for a longer time but not moved. Hold this tension for 10 to 20 seconds.

  • Neck press: Stand in the door frame and press the palms against the frame above the head.

  • Biceps-Curl: Sit on the desk, press the palms against the edge of the table from below.

  • Triceps press (with a towel): Hold a towel on both ends behind the back and pull in both directions at the same time.


Does chewing chewing gums help to stay healthy ?

  • Yes, sure. Chewing chewing gums helps to lose weight, because chewing compensates approximately 10Kcal/hour. However, mind to chew sugar-free chewing gums. 

  • Chewing gums protect teeth: plaque formation and a growth of bacteria is stopped.

  • Furthermore, some chewing gums clean the surface of teeth. 

  • Chewing chewing gums improves blood circulation in the brain and reduces fear and stress.


What do Kettlebells stand for ?

  • These weights are ball dumbbells and are suitable for free weight training. They are made of a ball with a solid handle grip. Kettlebell workouts demand whole muscle groups in the body, not jsut isolated muscles. These exercises support building of strength and stability. The cardiovascular system as well as tendons and ligaments are strengthened. Kettlebells are less suitable for pure building of muscle mass. Typical exercises with Kettlebells are swinging (between the legs), pulling, and pushing.


What does Slacklining stand for ?

  • Slacklining is the trend sports of the summer 2011 and is equated with tightrope walking or balancing. The so called strap-line is put up between two fixing points and you can start exercising. Balance, concentration, and coordination get trained. 


What does Flexibar stand for ?

  • The vibrating fibreglass bar is approximately 1 m long and has a grip in the middle. It has been developped for use in physiotherapy. However, in the meantime, they have become very popular in gyms as well. Back, abdominals, gluteal muscles, and legs are exercised by vibrations of the Flexibar. Deep muscles are especially supported.


What does the RICE - scheme stand for ?

  • This scheme summarizes possibilities what can be done suffering from sports injuries:

  • Rest: Immobilize injured part

  • Ice: Cool with cold spray or ice bag

  • Compressions: Apply a pressure bandage

  • Elevation: Put up the injured part


What is the Cooper-test made of ?

  • The Cooper-test (named after Dr. Kenneth Cooper) is a stamina test. The goal is to run as far as possible in 12 minutes. The test measures the general stamina. It is important to estimate one's own fitness in order not to have to give up shortly before finishing. This test is used for checking the fitness of handball and hockey referees in many countries.


What do sore muscles mean ?

  • Sore muscles are little injuries/ruptures in muscle fibres, which are caused by overexertion. Little quantities of water accumulate in these ruptures causing painful swellings in fibres. Sore muscles can be alleviated by soft massage, having a sauna or loosening-up exercises. Do not continue exercising while having sore muscles, because they can quickly become pulled muscles.


What does dehydrogenation mean ?

  • Dehydrogenation means a strong loss of liquids in the body. Persons, who do sports and sweat a lot, lose water and nutrients (fat does not get lost). It is especially regarding stamina sports, which can be done for several hours, that symptomes like headache, drop in performance, problems in coordination and orientation can occur. Person, who aim at such an activity, should drink an increased quantity of liquids beforehand (in small portions) and also drink in regular intervals during the exertion. Besides the intake of liquids, please mind a compensation of nutrients' balance as well.


What does EMS training stand for ?

  • EMS (Electro-Myo-Stimulation) is a term of physiotherapy. Muscles are stimulated with electro-impulses by means of an electro belt or vest. This training is solely recommended for therapy (i.e. after a fractured leg), because otherwise effects are too less. Muscle building or fat burning is not possible.


How can you integrated sports in daily life ?

Here are some examples:

  • Take the stairs instead of lift or escalator 

  • Take the bicycle instead of going by car to your workplace

  • Do some isometric exercises while having a break or while being in a traffic jam

  • Take the bicycle to go shopping (small parts) instead of going by car


What do Sling Trainers stand for ?

  • A Sling Trainer is a strap system offering a multitude of exercises for different muscle groups. Muscle building, strength increase, stability, coordination, stamina, and flexibility are improved and optimally trained. While exercising, either arms or legs/feet hang in the straps - so you do many exercises as, i.e., push-ups. Sling Trainers can be mounted almost everywhere and are easy to store. The use is very easy and recommendable for persons of each age.

What can be done having muscle spasm ?

  • Muscle spasms often occur during great exertions or strong transpiration. Muscle spasm represents a lack of magnesium or sodium chloride. A regular intake of magnesium before the workout can be helpful. Food rich in magnesium as, i.e., bananas, papayas, pulses or nuts should be part of the menu.


Is it possible to become sports-addicted ?

  • Yes, it is ! The health background is doubtful when you do several hours of sports without ambitions for competition. Different criteria are to be considered: the hormone endorphin (which the body releases while exerting) and escaping from reality (problems of daily life disappear). Sports addiction is often connected with eating disorder and it is most common among insecure persons.


Alternatives for jogging - climbing stairs ?

  • Climbing stairs gives strength and stamina. Here, you walk almost only on the ball of the foot, the heel is hardly stressed. The quadriceps, the great gluteal muscle as well as the back side of the thigh are well trained. However, only walking upstairs is good for the body. While walking downstairs, the muscle relaxes immediately and this can cause acute, spontaneous sore muscles.


When do you burn most calories - besides jogging ?

  • Each kind of sporty activity burns calories - the quantity depends upon the kind of sports. However, it differs from person to person. Activities, demanding a great part of the muscles, result in an increased calorie consumption. Sports like rowing, mountaineering, strength training, swimming, cycling, etc.


What is the difference between condition and stamina ?

  • Condition represents fitness. It demonstrates how much performance a person achieves regarding strength, stamina, and speed.

  • Stamina represents the ability to endure a given exertion without signs of tiredness worth mentioning over a long period. A quick ability to regenerate after an exertion is an additional component and plays a role regarding stamina.


What do vibration dumbbells stand for ?

  • Long and slim muscles are precisely built with relatively small weights within a short workout time. Noticeable improvements of blood circulation, visual improvement of connective tissue as well as of the general skin are effects of this workout. Once the dumbbell is grasped, comfortable vibrations are produced. While the dumbbells are put down, the vibrations stop automatically.


What is the cause for muscle trembling ?

  • Muscle trembling or muscle twitching is involuntary and depends upon nerves - in general. Most of all, muscle trembling occurs, when the body is undercooled. The body tries to produce heat by trembling. A lack of magnesium or calcium often causes muscle spasm - but can also be a reason for muscle trembling.


How does a pulse monitor work ?

  • As a rule, a pulse monitor consists of 2 parts: a chest strap with adjustable strap and a pulse watch on the wrist. The pulse sensor respectively strap measures the electric resistance, because the heart is driven by little impulses. These impulses are transmitted to the watch on the wrist and indicate the heart rate. Alternatively, the pulse can be directly transmitted to a cardio machine via a chest strap if a receiver is available.  


What does depot fat mean ?

  • Depot fats are fats, which are stored in the subcutaneous tissue of the organs or around them. Furthermore, they can be found in the abdominal cavity of a human being. Depot fat has a heat-isolating effect, first of all, and serves as padding for organs. It serves as energy depot as well, which the body can use for lack of nutrition. A body can manage without food for up to 40 days having a normal fatty percentage of 15 to 25 % (differs regarding the gender). The depot fat originates in fats intaken by food respectively surplus carbohydrates. Regarding overweight, the percentage of depot fats is increased.


Which posture does save the back ?

  • The position of the pelvis influences enormously the posture. Therefore, a correct posture is important to avoid permanent damages on pelvis or vertebral column. An upright posture relaxes and body's centre of gravity (pelvis) rests stable. Stand upright, shoulders relaxed (let them fall), slightly pull back, and inhale and exhale deeply.


Does the outdoor temperature influence exercises done outdoors ?

  • Be cautious for outdoor temperatures from 28° degrees while exercising intensive stamina sports. Doing outdoor sports is also limited regarding a humidity which is too high (more than 80%). Possible consquences can be dehydration, exhaustion, shortness of breath or a sharping feeling in the lung. The circulation is more demanded respectively affected while facing temperatures which are too high.
    Reduce pace and duration of the motion and exercise early in the morning or late in the evening.


Are there any (stretching) exercises you can do after a long drive ?

After a long drive, legs often feel tired and heavy.

Here are some exercises you can comfortably do while having a break.

  1. Stand upright and bend slightly the standing leg. Grasp the instep of a leg and pull the heel in the direction of the bottom. Please mind that you do not make a hollow back. This exercise is ideal to make the extensor of the thigh flexible.
  2.  Stand upright and bend slightly the standing leg. Put the heel of the other leg on a threshold. Then lift the tiptoes, press the hollow of the knee to the floor and bend the trunk slightly forwards. This exercise stretches the muscles of the back side of the thigh.
  3.  Stand upright and stretch one arm upwards as far as possible for stretching the lateral trunk muscles. Then bend the trunk slightly sidewards.
  4.  Do not forget the shoulder muscles. Bend the left arm and hold it in front of the body. Now, grasp the elbow of the left arm with the right arm and press against the body. Hold this stretching position and then repeat the exercise with the other arm.
  5.  At the end, stretch the neck muscles. Stand upright and bend the head to the left. Put the left hand on the right temple to intensify the pull. Stretch the other arm downwards.



Is it possible to build muscles with salve for rheumatism ?

  • No, not at all. By applying this salve, only the blood circulation of the skin is supported and not erroneously the blood circulation of muscles. 


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