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....how to get in shape watching the World Cup !


The World Cup is coming up soon. King football rules the world for the next four weeks. Even when wheather is inviting for doing sports outside, football enthusiasts prefer watching tv. Sporty activities are limited to watch and cheer on their own national league.
Those who want to keep in shape during the World Cup without missing a match, find the fitness program for the World Cup here. All you need is comfortable wear and a towel, if score makes you sweat.

Lean on sofa edge with both hands and back towards the sofa. Knees are slightly bent and feet stand hip-width apart on the floor. The body is lowered as low as possible by bending arms and pushed upwards. Elbows remain in position towards inside. The motion is slowly and controlled done in arms without extending them completely.
Sofa-curls with dumbbell
Take a seat on the sofa. Feet are placed on the floor and knees are shoulder-width apart. The torso is bent forwards and upper arm is fixed on inside of thigh (knee height). Hold the dumbbell (alternatively a water bottle) with slightly bent arm in lower-grip. Raise the dumbbell up towards the chest and lower it slowly. The motion is slowly and controlled done without completely extended arm.
Stand behind the sofa. Place hands shoulderwidth apart on the backrest (alternatively armrest). The body is tensed and builds a straight line. Lower the torso towards the backrest by bending arms and then push it up again. Keep body tension and do not extend elbows completely.
Squats with sofa contact
Stand shoulder-width apart in front of the sofa. Keep torso upright and arms in front of the body for a better balance. Bend slowly the knees and lower the buttocks to the sofa (backwards). Knees are kept behind tiptoes. Slowly get up after short contact with the seat and without extending legs completely.
Take a seat on the sofa edge and hold the remote control in right hand while leaning back the torso. Then lift bent legs from the floor. Pull knees towards the chest and give the remote control to the left hand behind the thighs. Then extend legs forwards. Remote control returns to the right hand for next leg bending. Abdominal muscles keep the body in a stable position.
Raise laterally the leg in lying position
Lay down laterally on the sofa and extend your legs. Support your head with one hand, the other stabilizes the straight body position. Before bringing the leg upwards (in straight position), pull toes towards the body and build up tension. Then do not forget to exercise the other leg as well.

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