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Since more than a century, hundreds of racing cyclists fight through valleys and mountains in France for the Tour de France for three weeks in July every year. Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond, Miguel Indurain, and many more became famous with their win at the tour. How do cyclists keep continuously conquering extreme ascents and risky descents ? How do they cover about 3500 km at an average speed of up to 50 km/h ?


These performances require a meticulous preparation as well as a lot of discipline and willingness. Daily workouts at mostly high intensities and the general abstention from any semi-luxuries become the focus of attention. Because of physical and workout conditions, of course, it is not possible for any person to cycle as racing cyclist the Tour but you can get in shape for your own "little Tour de France".


At first, each ambitious cyclist should be conscious of how much time he wishes to invest in. Depending upon it, the target can be formulated. Heart rate sensors and bike computers with cadence function should be included for an effective workout planning and performance presentation.


If you just start cycling, it is recommended to do a workout for building a basic condition. In case, this is already given, it is important to acquire basic stamina for cycling. Greater ranges of workout and more intensive sessions combined with sufficient recovery provide a solid basic stamina.


Beginner workout (example):
→ 8 weeks; 4 workout sessions (alternating with days of rest)
→ Range of workout: starting with 30 min increasing to 90 min during the weeks; 85 to 95 R/min
→ Distance profile: even with little, light ascents


Basic stamina cycling:
→ 8 weeks; 4 workout sessions (alternating with days of rest)
→ Range of workout: 3 x 60 min of it 2 x incl. 10 to 20 min ascent at increased frequency 
                                  and 1 x 90 to 120 min at 85 to 95 R/min
→ Distance profile: a bit more demanding with ascents


The phase of 8 weeks for improving condition makes the difference between normal cyclist and advanced racing cyclist. The requirements for athletes given by street race are of main importance during this workout phase. Strains effecting the body have to be conquered and you exercise the quick and tireless cycling. Drives are solely done for recovery reasons.


Adapting to performance (example):
→ 8 weeks; 4 workout sessions (alternating with days of rest)
→ Range of workout: 60 min a time; alternating incl. 3 x 5 min sprint interval with increased resistance,
                                  10 to 20 min ascent at normal frequency and 5 to 10 min sprint in a plain (110 to 120 R/min)
→ Distance profile: a bit more demanding with ascents


In the last phase, the pace and maximum race speed are exercises. This part is only worthwhile for advanced cyclists, who wish to accomplish big ranges. 5 to 6 workout sessions per week at a duration of 60 to 120 min require a lot of motivation.


Increase in performance:
→ 8 weeks; 6 workout sessions
→ Range of workout: a time,  
    1 x 30 min incl. 5 min sprint in the plain (110 to 120 R/min) 
    4 x 60 min incl. 2 x 5 to 20 min higher resistance at 70 to 80 R/min; 1 x 5 to 10 min sprint in the plain (110 to 120 R/min)
    and 1 x 90 min incl. 10 to 40 min higher resistance at 70 to 80 R/min
→ Distance profile: demanding with alternating ascents


The week before an important competition should be used for active recovery. 3 to 4 light sessions of low range (about 30 min) are sufficient to keep muscles in motion.


Nowadays, cycling workouts are not limited to summer months, when risk of rain is reduced to a minimum. Doing an all-year cycling workout is essential to achieve a big goal. Either on the road with your own bike or with an Indoorcycle. The indoor workout cannot be neglected.


Those, who wish to prepare on their own, it is best to use a bike trainer. While driving "on the role" was very boring in the past, bike or indoor training has developed to a luxurious cycle pleasure nowadays. Cycling without getting bored with realistic mountain tours and ascents of real cycle races which can be yearly watched in tv. Using Virtual Reality Trainers like the VR-Trainer Fortius Multiplayer T1930 of Tacx, tours like Milano - San Remo, the Amstel Gold Race, and some Pyrenees stages, i.e., can be cycled.


The bike trainer is not only good for indoor workouts during winter months. In addition to road workouts (training of technique, cycling feeling, and concentration), the training partners are perfect for exercising at nightfall and for warm-up as well as cool-down on days of competition.

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