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Have you heard...

… which role the glycemic index plays for weight reduction?

The glycemic index (GI) gives information on how high an effect a food has on the blood sugar level. It depends on the type of carbohydrates contained in the food and measures how quickly the carbohydrates get into the blood. Glucose (pure) is the benchmark. It has a glycemic index of 100. All other foods have a lower GI.

Food with a low glycemic index has a positive effect on the release of the hormone insulin. Insulin is mainly responsible for controlling the blood sugar level by channeling sugar from the blood to the cells. As a result, little sugar in the blood means little influx of sugar into the muscle and fat cells in particular. Therefore, blood sugar and blood fat are reduced and high concentrations of blood sugar prevented. Thus, the formation of adipose tissue caused by excess blood sugar is prevented and a longer lasting feeling of satiety achieved.

With regard to weight loss, more foods with a low glycemic index should be consumed. Foods to be avoided are those with a high glycemic index and high in carbohydrates.

Examples for foods with a low glycemic index (<40):
apple35 peanut puree, almond puree, hazelnut puree, unsweetened25
orange35 quark30
milk30 wild rice35
chocolate, dark (>85% cocoa content)20 tomato juice35
ice cream (with fructose)35 soya cream20
falafel (made of chick peas)35 cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, sauerkraut, courgette, spinach15
yogurt (natural)35 tofu15
tomato sauce without sugar35 pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds15
beetroot, raw30 spices, herbs5
strawberries, raspberries, currants, fresh25 vinegar5
almond milk30 crustaceans5
Source: Montignac
further information:
  Burn Fat Report (PDF, ca. 1.1mb, english)
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