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    Swing stick (1)

    Gymstick swing sticks are unique training devices made of high-quality fibre glass and elastic resistance tubes. The Gymstick offers you many exercises for an effective whole body training. Due to different resistance strengthes, the Gymsticks are suitable for every training level. The Gymstick set includes a training dvd of 75 minutes, a poster with exercises, and a practical bag.

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  • Gymstick

    Physio bands & tubes (1)

    Gymsticks are simple in design but offer countless exercising possibilities and a comfortable use. You can use the gymstick for almost every type of training. Train coordination, strength-stamina, and balance with the gymstick.

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    Sandbag / Bulgarian Bag (1)

    The Gymstick Fitness-Bag is a multi-functional training machien for many strength and core exercises: swinging, lifting, pushing or throwing. The Gymstick Fitness-Bag is equipped with several grip straps for a versatile use. Either at home or in the open air, the Gymstick Fitness-Bag is a perfect training partner for a functional strength and core training.

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