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...What's the range of an E-Bike?



The range of a battery depends upon many different facts. The most important is the capacity of the battery. You can choose between batteries of different sizes for many E-bike models. The bigger the capacity of the battery, indicated by the Wh-value (Watt hours), the bigger is the range.

Cycling behaviour and the degree of pedal support also play an important role. All e-bikes are equiped with an operation on the handlebar, where the cyclist can set three support modes of the motor at least - light, middle, and strong support. Some manufacturers even offer a setting of a special sporty cycling. The more the motor is supporting you, the lower is the range.

Some manufacturers advertize their e-bikes with a maximum range of 180 km. You can reach those ranges, though only under "ideal" conditions. Besides those "ideal" conditions, "the best" and "aggravated" conditions are often given in addition. The conditions are defined by means of the following components ("ideal" conditions in brackets for light level of support and a 400 Wh battery):

  • Floor conditions (even area)
  • Average speed (approximately 15 km/h average speed)
  • Weather conditions (no headwind, 20 °C)
  • Quality of the bike components (high-quality bike components)
  • Tread and tyre pressure (tread and tyre pressure with minimal rolling friction)
  • Cadence/optimal shifting system/choice of speed (experienced e-bike cyclists; always switches correctly)
  • Additional weights (additional weight (excluding bike weight) < 70 kg)

Once one of those components changes, the conditions change as well and the indication of range is no longer the case. High-quality pedelecs of the latest generation (new technology, economic consumption, and digital control technique) offer remarkable ranges even without these "ideal" conditions. Regarding the models of today, a realistic range of 80-100 km is possible, in so far you cycle in a fluent and way with foresight. This is more than you cycle normally a day.

Every e-bike is equipped with a battery charger and the batteries can be charged when installed or removed. It is recommended to take along the charger for longer tours, because the time of charging is relatively short. A partial charging is fine for many further kilometers, while eating a hearty snack.

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