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Exercising on a treadmill offers many advantages to runners. Besides an optimal training control (guaranteed by display of different training parameters), a workout independent of the weather, and several workout possibilities (great selection of programs), inline represents an important parameter.

Runners who usually move outside, will quickly notice the difference between indoor and outdoor training. Outside, you have to move the body actively forwards and to push firmly from the floor - this is completely unnecessary for an indoor training. The treadmill moves backwards under your feet, the drive comes from the belt. This makes the workout seem easier.


Incline can imitate the natural (outdoor) running. A simulated ascent can be accomplished by pushing just a button. The lifting of the top of the treadmill by approximately 1.5% compensates the missing air resistance and deviating floor conditions.

It is also possible to choose a higher incline. Mountain or hill profiles (incline of 4 to 10%), i.e., offer an effective and varied workout. While the body faces a stronger exertion because of the increased intensity, the lifting has a joint-gentle effect on the body. The slight incline already brings pelvis and back into a relaxed position. Each altimeter you run upwards, you do not have to push off completely with your body. This is a special advantage for the training goal weight reduction.

Besides both described features, different muscle groups can be exercised by variations in incline. Calf muscles are stronger exercised while running with ascent because of increased exertion while pushing off.


In the meantime, fitness industry puts things right regarding the missing thermo-regulating effect of air flowing against while exercising on a treadmill. The real "outdoor feeling" is brought about by ventilation slits integrated in the console. These simulate the "running air" and refresh the body. Sweat production can be positively influenced. Furthermore, there is often enough space for a drinking bottle beside the training computer. The loss of liquids during long workout sessions can be directly compensated.

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