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Trimilin has a 20 years experience in the construction of trampolines and has become a byword for excellent quality and an unmatched price-performance ratio in the meantime. Each Trimilin-Trampoline is characterized by a durable special mat as well as high-quality spring system and workmanship. The Trimilin-Trampolines, which are made in Europe, are equiped with non-abrasive, white plastic feet on the standing legs. These plastic feet do not leave any signs on parquet or light carpets.

You get and stay using a Trimilin-Trampoline in a short time: A survey by the NASA has shown that jumping on the trampoline supports the building of muscles and condition - 68% more than walking. Therefore, the products of Trimilin are ideal in many areas of life - the trampolines are absolutely recommendable for high-performance sports, for the daily compensation to the desk work, and for rehabilitation.
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66x in Europe