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HOLODIA – Workout on another level

holofit holofit

Dive into a new world of fitness. Holofit lets you travel through virtual places, forget about the challenges and enjoy your workout.


What can I expect from Holofit?

Cycle, row or train on an elliptical through virtual and breathtakingly beautiful worlds with Holofit. You can choose between realistic and fantasy worlds. How about exploring San Francisco on a cycling tour or a trip around Saturn?

Why should I work out with Holofit?

Holofit makes you forget about the strains of the training and transforms your workout to a new and amazing experience. You decide where you want to go. Holofit lets you choose between many different workouts. Work out with your friends, participate in competitions, reach your cardio goals, take different roads and collect game items. This will not only skyrocket your motivation but give you a whole new workout experience that is out of this world!


8 reasons to use Holofit:

  1. More fun working out
  2. Burn up to 500 calories with HIT workouts
  3. Explore breathtaking virtual worlds
  4. Achieve the best results with minimal effort with the guided workouts
  5. Workouts and competitions with other users
  6. Higher motivation
  7. Makes you forget about the challenging workout
  8. Reach your fitness goals

How can I use Holofit?

Basic requirements:

  • holofit
    Fitness equipment
  • holofit
  • holofit
  • holofit
    Cadence sensor (optional)

Holofit can be used with all exercise bikes and crosstrainers with the cadence sensor. It is also compatible with a selection of rowing machines. Many Bluetooth capable fitness machines can also be used without the cadence sensor.

You can download the HOLOFIT VR Fitness App here: *

holofit holofit


Your opportunities with the app

  • More than 100 VR workouts
  • Explore new worlds
  • Reach your cardio goals
  • Compete against other users
  • Set new records

Which worlds does Holofit Go offer?

With Holofit you can work out in stunning surroundings and easily reach your fitness goalss.

Available worlds:

  • holofit Antarctica
  • holofit Snowy Mountains
  • holofit Babylon
  • holofit Tropical
  • holofit Underwater
  • holofit Canyon
  • holofit Saturn
  • holofit Cambridge
  • holofit Aiguebelette
  • holofit San Francisco
  • holofit Paris

Which functions does Holofit provide?

  • holofit Explore
  • holofit Time attack
  • holofit Cardio goals (including HIIT)
  • holofit Competition mode
  • holofit Local & online multiplayer

How does Holofit work?

Holofit connects with your fitness equipment via Bluetooth and transmits the workout data to the Holofit platform. If your equipment is not Bluetooth capable, you can attach a cadence sensor onto the machine which will then show the same data.

Holofit App

As an extra option, you can connect the Holofit app to your health app and calculate your calorie consumption. With the Holofit app you are always up to date on your workout data:

  • World ranking list & Friends holofit
  • Milestones holofit
  • Display of all workouts holofit

Has Holofit caught your interest? We can provide you with the appropriate equipment to use Holofit!

* Use the VRMark app to check if your smartphone is compatible with the HOLOFIT VR Fitness app: Android
Compatible iPhones (recommended): iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max
Compatible iPhones (the app may crash): iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone SE (2nd generation)

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