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Train comfortably and safely with a big running surface. The taller the user (and thus the stride length) and the quicker you run on the treadmill, the taller should be the running surface. Our range of products offers you treadmills with an appropriately wide running surface exclusively. You only need to choose the desired length.

Length of running surface

Folding mechanism

Some trampolines are equipped with a space-efficient folding mechanism, which makes the machine folding and easy to store away.

Folding mechanism

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The stronger the motor of the treadmill, the quicker it reacts to speed changes while running. A strong motor has a long durability and always performs optimally even for high incline and heavy users.

Engine continuous output

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Treadmills for home use are designed for private use. Semi-professional treadmills are designed for a longer operating live and can also be used at hotels, clubs, and for company's fitness. Treadmills of commercial quality are best for professional use at gyms and for a very long operating life. Semi-professional and professional treadmills are excellent for home use due to their high-grade material quality.

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Since the beginnings of fitness, treadmills of Horizon Fitness have been among the market leaders in home fitness. Besides a sturdy workmanship and easy menu navigation, i. e., the VCS absorption system of the running mat is a real quality feature. Joint-gentle running is given for all treadmills of the model series of Horizon Fitness. The Paragon 6 is an excellent test winner of the Fit for Fun journal. Read more down
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Item number: HF-100679
172 Customer ratings
∅ 4.78 of 5 Stars
Horizon treadmill Paragon 6 purchase online now
The Horizon treadmill Paragon 6 is of sturdy workmanship and allows a joint-gentle running workout with its absorption system and the orthobelt mat. 15 programs provide motivation, real distances can be simulated with the treadmill and shown on your tv with the optionally available Passport system. The Horizon treadmill Paragon 6 can be folded space-efficiently.
  • Test winner of the Fit for Fun treadmill test (up to 2,000 €)! Fit for Fun 12/2013
  • DC-Motor HP - continuous duty 2.5 HP (Digital drive)
  • Running surface: 154 x 50 cm
  • speed: 0.8 - 20 km/h
  • incline: 0 - 15 %
  • Display: duration, distance, speed, incline, calories, heart rate
  • Display of exercise profiles via LCD (extra large)
  • Exercise programmes in total: 15, of which custom: 3, heart rate controlled: 2
  • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors, chest strap (sold separately)
  • foldable
  • Horizon treadmill Paragon 6 for ambitious running workouts at home
  • Sturdy design
  • ControlledDrop system for controlled, silent lowering of running surface
  • "Passport Ready" - Set-Up Box for Virtual Reality training available as accessory
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Shock absorption
Running smoothness
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Item number: HF-100918
18 Customer ratings
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  • DC-Motor HP - continuous duty 2 HP (Digital drive)
  • Running surface: 140 x 51 cm
  • speed: 0.8 - 18 km/h
  • incline: 0 - 10 %
  • Display: duration, distance, speed, incline, calories, heart rate
  • Display of exercise profiles via LCD
  • Exercise programmes in total: 12, of which custom: 1, heart rate controlled: 2
  • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors, chest strap (sold separately)
  • foldable
Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Shock absorption
Running smoothness
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of a treadmill includes, among other things, motor output, size and quality of running surface.These provide a more comfortable motion and more safety for higher speeds respectively taller runners. A pc with many training programs offers more diversion while exercising. Extras like hot keys, folding mechanism, fan, and transport wheels make your workout much more comfortable.
Besides the frame construction, own weight and siize of standing surface guarantee a great stability. The more stable a treadmill is, the higher is the maximum weight load capacity and the more durable becomes the machine. Treadmills of high stability stand much safer for intensive training sessions. Furthermore, big rollers reduce wear and tear of the whole drive system.
Motor output, type of running mat, shock absorbers, and frame construction contribute to the running smoothness. An equipment of good running smoothness hardly causes any background noises and you can listen to music or watch tv while exercising.
Thickness of running mat and number as well as quality of shock absorbers are important for shock absorption features of a treadmill. A good absorption is joint-gentle and prevents early signs of tiredness.
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Horizon Fitness Treadmill - Customer ratings

  • Horizon treadmill Adventure 7

    Athanasios 12.3.2018 - Horizon treadmill Adventure 7

    After extended market research, I bought Horizon Treadmill Adventure 7. Horizon is known to offer a turn-key product (they make everything themselves), and their confidence is proved by their lifetime motor guarantee. Adventure 7 strikes the perfect balance of value for money, as it has a strong motor and can reach speeds and inclines of much more expensive treadmills. The assembly was piece of cake, the construction of all parts is solid, the sound is OK (you can easily listen to music/movie), the included programs are more than enough, and the connectivity to the ViewFit app is a nice addition (you can see your workouts on your mobile, set goals etc.). I highly recommend Horizon Adventure 7 and I would buy it again, hands down!

Excellent workmanship and sturdy quality: Horizon Fitness treadmills

Treadmills of the brand Horizon Fitness feature an excellent workmanship, a sturdy quality, a high running comfort, and the use of innovative technologies. All Horizon Fitness treadmills, except the Elite TPRO, are equipped with the practical FEATHERlight folding system. Horizon Fitness offers different treadmill model series for any requirement.

Successful treadmill series of Horizon Fitness: Paragon

The Horizon Fitness Paragon treadmill series is very successful. The 2.5 HP powerful digital drive motor, the big running surface (150 x 50 cm) as well as the innovative VCS shock absorption system are reasons, why the treadmills of the Paragon treadmill series belong to the most popular treadmills.

The motor is an important quality feature of a treadmill, the heart of the treadmill. As all models of the Horizon Fitness Paragon treadmill series are equipped with a 2.5 or 2.75 HP strong motor, they are recommendable either for experienced runners as well as users with a weight of up to 110 kg. The Premium models of the Paragon series, the Paragon 8E and the Paragon 7E, are equipped with a 3.1 mm strong Orthobelt running mat and the high-quality VCS shock absorption system - providing a maximum of comfort during the cardio training. This special absorption system makes possible that the running surface of the treadmill is divided in three zones of different degrees. The adjusted absorption supports the user in every single phase of his/her motion and provides a natural motion sequence.

Good price-performance ratio: The Adventure treadmill series of Horizon Fitness

The treadmills of the Adventure treadmill series feature a good price-performance ratio. The models of the Adventure treadmill series are optimal for beginners and leisure runners. A top model of the Adventure series is the Adventure 7 - thanks to the 2.5 HP powerful motor with digital drive system and big running surface (153 x 51 cm).

Horizon Fitness top treadmill line: Elite

The Elite series of Horizon Fitness is optimal for running enthusiasts and all those, who want to become one. The excellent Hirzon Elite treadmill series is the perfect combination of an impressive running comfort and sovereign detail solutions. The high-quality treadmills of the Elite series are equipped with strong 2.5 HP to 3 HP continuous output motors with digital drive systems. Depending upon the model, the Elite treadmills are equipped with a 4.4 mm strong running mat (so called Orthopedic Belt) with a balanced shock absorption, which provides a very joint-gentle run. The Elite T4000 is one of the best treadmills of the company Horizon Fitness. In the test of the ETM Testmagazin 07/2015, the treadmill received the mark "A" with 92.0 % thanks to its excellent equipment.

The Horizon Citta serise: Fitness meets fashion

The new Citta series of Horizon has been designed to fit to your style, your home, and your wish to be more active. Citta is the Italian word for city; the fitness machines of this series are made for urban living environment. The colour concept is convincingly simple, precious, and classic: matt-black with golden components. Thanks to its clear lines, the Horizon treadmill TT5.0 does not dominate your living environment but adapts softly to your home. Via the separately available delivery table, the treadmill can be transformed into a mobile working place - ideal to improve your fitness while working at office or doing home office. The handles offer more safety while doing the treadmill training, especially for training beginenrs and older users. Besides the precious treadmill, the Citta series also includes an upright bike (also available with delivery table) and an elliptical cross trainer.

Horizon Fitness treadmill: numberless training programmes and entertainment features

Depending upon the model, Horizon Fitness offers complete entertainment and programme features for even more training motivation. The intuitive displays of the smart treadmills provide a direct feedback with respect to relevant training data and inform about the effectivity of the training.

Passport Media Player of Horizon Fitness: realistic training routes with Virtual Active software

Passport is the interactive training software for the treadmills of Horizon Fitness, which are marked with "Passport Ready". Connect your television and your treadmill with the Passport Media Player - and you can train with the HD route videos all over the world: four audio sets with six target routes each.
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