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Did you already know... to prevent weight gain over the Christmas season ?


Admittedly: Many of the traditional festive meals are not easily digested. And after having indulged we are faced with the common discomforts: nausea, heartburn or a sore stomach. The much-loved roast goose, for example, remains in the stomach for seven hours - often accompanied by feeling full. To start the new year still slim, nobody needs to deny tasty treats over the festive season. There are other ways:


  • For your Christmas menu plan for a fresh salad or veggie soup. This helps to suppress appetite and fills your stomach. Potatoes, grains and vegetables make an ideal satisfying meal and contain all essential nutrients to keep us fit.
  • Beware of creamy fat containing sauces! Well seasoned sauces made from steamed and smoothly puréed vegetables are a tasty alternative.
  • A whole oven-cooked fish stuffed with plenty of fresh herbs, for example zander or salmon, offers luxurious indulgence for the Christmas dinner and also protects the heart.
  • Instead of a chocolate mousse rather serve a sorbet made from fresh fruit or low-fat cheeses with grapes.
  • A glass of mineral water in between champagne and wine saves a lot of calories.
  • Aniseed biscuits, gingerbread and meringue biscuits are great for 'staying slim' indulgence, since they contain a lot less calories than spritz cookies etc.
  • Tea varieties, such as cinnamon or vanilla teas are an ideal and tasty alternative and keep sweet cravings at bay.
  • Long walks and breathing fresh winter air is refreshing and great for burning calories.
  • A day in the sauna during holidays is relaxing for body and mind and absolutely free of calories!


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