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Kettler Multi-gym

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Multi-gyms for home use are designed for private use. Semi-professional multi-gyms are designed for a longer operating life and can also be used at hotels, clubs, and for company's fitness. Multi-gyms of commercial quality are best for professional use at a gym and for a very long operating life. Semi-professional and professional multi-gyms are also excellent for home use due to their high-grade material quality.

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Kettler multi-gym offer two concepts. The multi-gym and the new modular concept of the Kinetic series. Choose from different components with the Kinetic series and combine it with the basic modul. You can attach up to three moduls to the basic one and increase the variety of exercises distinctively. Read more down
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Item number: 7752-200
79 Customer ratings
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Single piece
Kettler multi-gym Axos Fitmaster  purchase online now
The Fitmaster is a compact entry-level multi-gym by Kettler with butterfly, chest press, lat pull, leg curl, and cable pulley modules. The Kettler multi-gym Fitmaster is particularly suitable for rooms with a low ceiling height (i. e. cellar) as it is only 200 cm high.
  • Weight stack 60kg (12 x 5)
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms
  • Kettler entry-level multi-gym
  • Three-part back pad for the optimum adjustment to your body and your workout
  • Plastic coated steel ropes
  • Ball bearing mounted guide rollers for the cable pulleys
  • The Fitmaster is particularly suitable for rooms with a low ceiling height (i. e. cellar) as it is only 200 cm high
Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Variety of exercises
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Item number: 7752-870
15 Customer ratings
∅ 4.87 of 5 Stars
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The new multi-gym Plus of Kettler is the development of the well-known multi-gym module. This multi-gym is upgraded with the 3D-Flex-Motion system. Do free cable pull exercises with the lateral arms and hence benefit from more diversion for your training. Besides a multitude of training exercises, the free exercises on the cable pull offer the advantage that the course of motion is free and hence more muscles are challenged.
  • Weight stack 80kg (16 x 5)
  • A variety of possible exercises for: Shoulders, Chest, Back, Legs, Abdominals, Arms
  • Low height of just 200 cm - ideal for low ceiling heights, for instance cellars
  • Incl. lat pull bar, dumbbell bar, and triceps/crunch rope for a diversified strength training at home
Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Variety of exercises
incl. 20.0% VAT
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of a multi-gym is made of number of training moduls, weight block, and other accessory. Exercise a multitude of muscle groups of the whole body with a complete equipment; training comfort is higher for well-equipped multi-gyms.
A sturdy construction with high thickness of frame gives the multi-gym stability. In addition, own weight, standing surface, and general workmanship are considered. A high stability makes the multi-gym more durable.
This feature takes adjustment options of separate moduls to exercising persons (measurements, weight levels, etc.) and general ergonomics of the multi-gym into consideration. Adjusting contributes to a greater variability while exercising. Correct articulation angles optimize the course of motion and prevent bad postures as well.
A great variety of exercises is achieved by number of exercising possibilities for different parts of the body. The quality of accomplishing the motion (caused by pulleys, storages, friction resistance, or similar) is taken into consideration.
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Kettler Multi-gym - Customer ratings

  • Kettler Multigym Plus

    Numan Aslam 17.6.2018 - Kettler Multigym Plus

    Hi, i have bought already kettler multigym plus. can somebody help me to know the product wieght for cargo purpose

  • Kettler Multigym Plus

    Marko 26.3.2018 - Kettler Multigym Plus

    Multigym Plus was delivered in 4 packages and contained several parts in separate pouches/bags and some basic tools neeed. Building the multigym was easy since all pouches were marked with numbers and referred in instruction sheet. There was although some parts that were labelled with incorrect number, but finding the correct parts was still easy. All bolts, nuts, bits and pieces were separated in groups and numbered based on instruction sheet pages. Building took time about 5 to 6 hours with all finishing touches. Build quality and finishing is very good. As example there is no distinctive weldings and all bolts and nuts are covered with black plastic caps. Coloring of the multigym is all black excluding the Kettler texts. One could wish for some other colors in paddings but this is very minor issue. Multigym was delivered with training manual describing most of the movements that can be performed with the device. Some simple movements were not covered in this manual and as example side cables with grips make it possible to do a wide variaty of movements depending on adjustments and positioning. Multigym does not squeak or rattle during the movements. Fine tuning the main cable tension is easy with separate hand tightened adjustment screw, but tightening the side cable/rope into optimal tension requires few pulls of the rope ith weights and a wrench. Amount of weights is more than sufficient to home use. Kettler Multigym Plus replaces easily many separate one movement devices and fits easily to home due to its compact size. Definitely recommended fitness device!

  • Kettler multi-gym Axos Fitmaster

    rajakulendran 2.5.2015 - Kettler multi-gym Axos Fitmaster

    Very good value for money purchase. No bad points to note. regards raja

Kettler multi-gym - wide-range training possibilities and compact build

Users, who look for an affordable but high-quality multi-gym, are well provided with a Kettler multi-gym. It combines a big range of functions and high manufacturing quality. Those who prefer training at home rather than at gym, Kettler offers several options for a varied and flexible workout at home. The wide range of offers of Kettler responds to individual needs of the users for a customized strength training - no matter being a leisure bodybuilder or already a professional sportsmen. Deciding for a Kettler multi-gym means to focus on diversion and reliability.

Which Kettler multi-gym is the best one for me?

It depends upon the training you want to do with a multi-gym as well as upon your experience with such a machine, which Kettler multi-gym is best for you. You can already do the most important basic exercises for single muscle zones with many affordable basic models like the Kettler Multigym. Being the ideal beginner model, the weight stack of 80 kg of this multi-gym still offers enough reserves to benefit from it even for a quicker progress. This home gym is also a good choice for restarting strength training, when you come back to your training rhythm and want to strengthen your muscles again. Being just 200 cm high, the Kettler Multigym fits also in rooms of low ceiling height, i. e. a cellar. Multi-gyms like the Kettler Kinetic Basis offer wide-range training possibilities (i. e. butterfly exercises for the chest). This system provides diverse modules like a leg press for additional integrateion and presents a complete gym for use at home. The Kettler Fitnesscenter Classic or the Fitnesscenter Delta XL including all their promotion sets are perfect for the training with free weights like a barbell and meet the requirements of experienced strength sportsmen as well.

Design, ergonomics, and functionality of the Kettler multi-gym

Kettler multi-gyms also convince by functionality and design. A soft, modern design of the machines meets a user-friendly operation. The adjusting mechanisms of the Kettler multi-gyms are of good workmanship and allow the adjustment of the machines to the user and the respective strength training exercises. Besides a neat and technically perfect workmanship of upholsteries and backrests, multi-gyms of Kettler convince by high-quality cable pulls and frames for optimal training comfort and high ergonomics. The assembly instructions of Kettler also need to be emphasized with their detailed illustrated steps for precise mounting of the multi-gym as well as easy-to-understand descriptions for correct doing of diverse strength exercises.

Advantages of a Kettler multi-gym

  • wide range of functions for holistic strength training
  • high training comfort thanks to high-quality workmanship of upholsteries and backrests
  • great stabiliy thanks to sturdy frame, pulleys, and pull systems
  • high practical use due to different sizes and set-up dimensions
  • great selection from beginner model to professional machines
  • several models for the low or large budget
  • detailed assembly instructions
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