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Tapes for physiotherapy and as support for sport

Kinesio tapes or physiotapes are elastic therapeutical adhesive tapes, which help all sporty active persons to loosen muscles, tensions as well as for regeneration. The concept of taping is based upon kinesiology, which was developed in Japan and Korea in the 70ies. It means that tapes and kinesio tapes are put on the skin along muscles and tendons, so that tensions are loosened and the pain is relieved.

Loosen tensions, for regeneration, and prevention

Tensions of the muscles are quickly caused, when a muscle, which is not well warmed up, faces a load which is too high or if you lift a high weight in the wrong angle or if you have been lying funny while sleeping. That's well known to sportsmen as well as bookworms, leisure athletes or construction workers. A proven method to loosen tensed muscles are kinesio-tapes. As these are adhered with the course of a muscle, they support a correct movement. Iin addition, a kinesio-tape can also improve the blood flow of the affective body parts.

Many sportsmen use kinesio tapes for quicker regeneration from tensions, etc. and also as preventive measures. Joints and muscles can be stabilized and protected with thos elastic therapeutical tapes.

Buy kinesio tapes in the fitness online shop and play like Mario Balotelli

We have all seen the three turquoise physiotapes on the back of Mario Balotelli after the 2:0 in the EM semi against Germany in 2012 - since then it is known to all of us at the latest. The German national players were probably not taped with kinesio tapes. Is there any connection? It's best if you find out on your own and buy kinesio tapes and physiotapes at an affordable price at the Sport Tiedje online shop. Everything for fitness, fitness equipment, wellness, regeneration, and health.
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