Leave the winter sleep! - That's how you have a successful comeback to your training!

After a long (winter) break, you should slowly restart with your training. No matter which type of stamina training you do, when you mind those 10 tips, your comeback will succeed.

  1. Careful warm up: Increase your fitness and reduce the risk of injury.
  2. Slowly increase intensity: Do not start where you stopped before the winter break, but give your body sufficient time to get used to the intensity again.
  3. Start with a total time of 10 to 15 minutes and increase the range of training by a maximum of 10 % from week to week.
  4. Interval training: Mix different intensity levels at the beginning. Example: 2 minutes walking – 1 minute running – 2 minutes walking – 1 minute running – and so on. Phases of high and low intensity are divided. Of course, you can use this pattern with other stamina training equipment as well.
  5. Observe the heart rate with a pulse watch: The heart rate is an objective means to control the intensity. Determine your training pulse with the health calculator.
  6. Avoid sore muscles: It should not be your training target to get sore muscles. Sore muscles result from an intensity, which is too high.
  7. Take sufficient breaks: If you still have heavy legs after a day of rest, it is better to take another day of rest.
  8. It's better to demand too little than too much: When you feel like starting again just few hours after the training session, the intensity was absolutely fine. Before the training, you should feel like moving.
  9. Mind body's own signals: Physical complaints, tensions, and tiredness signal that regeneration is not yet sufficiently completed or that the intensity is too high.
  10. Exercise with many variations: Try to expose your body to different training stimulations. Do not always exercise at same pace and same duration but diversify your training.

A lot of fun and success in coming back!

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