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Life Fitness Multi-gym

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Multi-gyms for home use are designed for private use. Semi-professional multi-gyms are designed for a longer operating life and can also be used at hotels, clubs, and for company's fitness. Multi-gyms of commercial quality are best for professional use at a gym and for a very long operating life. Semi-professional and professional multi-gyms are also excellent for home use due to their high-grade material quality.

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Buy Life Fitness Multi-gym

The whole body strength training at home can be reduced to just one machine with a multi-gym of Life Fitness. Different multi-gyms with consistent quality can be found at the brand Life Fitness. Multi-gyms, as i. e. the G7, allow you a hardy countable variety of exercises at home. Read more down
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Item number: LF-FSF3
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  • Professional multigym at studio quality from Life Fitness
  • Two variants to choose from, including leg press or leg curl / straightener
  • 3 weight blocks - three people can train at the same time!
  • Simple adjustment and setting options offer intuitive, effective training
  • Exercise instructions included
  • Corner arrangement for optimal space use
  • Low starting resistance of 5kg for beginners
  • Available: Life Fitness Fit 3 Multi Gym for Hamstrings and Le (£5,037.00), Life Fitness Fit 3 Multi Gym Leg Press (£5,037.00)
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Variety of exercises
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Item number: LF-GLP-101
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  • A variety of possible exercises for: Legs,
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Sport-Tiedje puts each fitness equipment through its paces. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories. Compare easily the products using the Sport-Tiedje expert review and find your appropriate equipment.
The equipment of a multi-gym is made of number of training moduls, weight block, and other accessory. Exercise a multitude of muscle groups of the whole body with a complete equipment; training comfort is higher for well-equipped multi-gyms.
A sturdy construction with high thickness of frame gives the multi-gym stability. In addition, own weight, standing surface, and general workmanship are considered. A high stability makes the multi-gym more durable.
This feature takes adjustment options of separate moduls to exercising persons (measurements, weight levels, etc.) and general ergonomics of the multi-gym into consideration. Adjusting contributes to a greater variability while exercising. Correct articulation angles optimize the course of motion and prevent bad postures as well.
A great variety of exercises is achieved by number of exercising possibilities for different parts of the body. The quality of accomplishing the motion (caused by pulleys, storages, friction resistance, or similar) is taken into consideration.
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A Life Fitness multi-gym: Quality for your fitness facility

When you buy a Life Fitness multi-gym, you know what you got: Life Fitness is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cardio and strength machines. Multi-gyms of Life Fitness have been established at fitness facilities of ambitious sportsmen for a long time. Thanks to its versatile training possibilities, these multi-gyms are the ideal alternative for persons who prefer an effective muscle building training at home in order to avoid the often loud background noise at a gym.

Which advantages does a Life Fitness multi-gym offer?

Get real commercial quality at home purchasing a Life Fitness multi-gym. Being designed for the needs of ambitious sportsmen, the home gyms of Life Fitness offer several multi-gym exercises, which are required for an effective whole body training and an even muscle building. The training with a Life Fitness multi-gym is also optimal for reducing weight. Being an ideal addition to cardio training, you can burn many calories, when you train your muscles specifically and thus increase their energy need distinctively - even beyond the actual training. The ergonomically shaped upholsteries provide a special comfort and high stability and give you a comfortable and safe experience while exercising. In addition, Life Fitness emphasizes its position as manufacturer of premium fitness machines of an outstanding quality of frame and joints of your home gyms.

Which Life Fitness multi-gym is best suitable for which user?

Life Fitness multi-gyms, which mainly work with guided movements, are great for beginners. Models like the Life Fitness multi-gym G2 are the ideal machine for starting strength training. Using the Life Fitness multi-gym G2, the user does not need to think about the correct accomplishment of the strength exercises. Risks of injuries are reduced doing a guided training and optimal training progress is made possible. Multi-gyms like the Life Fitness G7, which are equipped with pulleys respectively cable pulls, are well for advanced users. Even experienced sportsmen can set effective training stimuli with the Life Fitness G7, because strength training exercises on the cable pull have a higher coordinative demand. This type of training consides complex types of sport as well including their specific demands. Thus, just improve your golf swing or your tennis forehand effectively with a Life Fitness multi-gym.

Effective strength exercises for the Life Fitness multi-gym:

  • Reverse butterfly and chin-ups for training the back muscles,
  • Shoulder press for lasting strengthening of chest, shoulders, and back,
  • Calf stretching for an effective workout of calf and thigh muscles,
  • Lateral cable pulls for a better golf swing or a more precise tennis forehand,
  • Biceps and reverse curls for stronger and more defined arm muscles,
  • Crunches for stable abs.
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