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Model 2018

LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7

Item number CST-TR1200-DT7
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Customer ratings (6)
6 Customer ratings
4.83 of 5 Stars
Sport-Tiedje Expert Review (Info)
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Shock absorption
Running smoothness
The equipment of a treadmill includes, among other things, motor output, size and quality of running surface.These provide a more comfortable motion and more safety for higher speeds respectively taller runners. A pc with many training programs offers more diversion while exercising. Extras like hot keys, folding mechanism, fan, and transport wheels make your workout much more comfortable.
Besides the frame construction, own weight and siize of standing surface guarantee a great stability. The more stable a treadmill is, the higher is the maximum weight load capacity and the more durable becomes the machine. Treadmills of high stability stand much safer for intensive training sessions. Furthermore, big rollers reduce wear and tear of the whole drive system.
Motor output, type of running mat, shock absorbers, and frame construction contribute to the running smoothness. An equipment of good running smoothness hardly causes any background noises and you can listen to music or watch tv while exercising.
Thickness of running mat and number as well as quality of shock absorbers are important for shock absorption features of a treadmill. A good absorption is joint-gentle and prevents early signs of tiredness.
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HP - continuous duty 2.25 HP
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speed 0.6-6 km/h
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Running surface 51x142 cm
Short description: LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7
First-class desktop treadmill, that surpasses all comparable competitor models with its electrically height adjustable work surface and the smart folding mechanism.

Product details: LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7

  • The international bestseller
  • Model 2018 info
  • Technical information - LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7:
    • DC-Motor: HP - continuous duty 2.25 HP
    • Running surface: 142 x 51 cm
    • Running deck: 25.4 mm
    • speed: 0.6 - 6 km/h (Adjustable in increments starting from 0.1 km/h)
  • Computer - LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7:
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, calories,
    • Display of exercise profiles via LED
  • Features - LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7:
  • Electronically height adjustable work surface
  • LifeSpan desktop treadmill for the mobile office and more fitness
  • Comfortable for users of height of 147 to 203 cm
  • Console with Bluetooth for synchronizing with the free LifeSpan software
  • Work surface made of 2.5 cm thick composite material for high loadability
  • Helps to achieve the health target of 10,000 steps a day
  • Displays time, steps, calories, speed, distance
  • Cable ducts and holes in the work surface for invisible placing the cables
  • IntelliStep function for counting the steps
  • IntelliGuard: stops the treadmill, when you do no longer walk on it
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Dimensions set-up - LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7: (L) 190.5 cm x (W) 118 cm x (H) 142 cm

Description: LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7

Sport-Tiedje Expert Review (Info)
Shock absorption
Running smoothness
The LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7 is one of the best equipped desktop treadmills at the market with an electronically height adjustable work surface - the computer can even save different settings - and the folding mechanism, for storing the treadmill space-efficiently after the workout!

LifeSpan TR1200 DT7 desktop treadmill: health care at the working place

Back pains due to lack of movement are one of the most frequent reasons for being absent at work or for general discomfort. Though a working place at an office and movement are not two things, which exclude each other. It is that simple to transform the office into a mobile working place: i.e., with the LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7. This combination of treadmill and desk allows to work while walking and to make your working life active and mobile - also due to its slow speed.

Treadmill with height adjustable, big desk

Using the desktop treadmill LifeSpan TR1200 DT7 is quite easy. The work surface can be electronically lifted up or down until the exact height is reached, which is appropriate for your height or work - either reading emails, having a meeting or writing a product description.

The control console is ideally placed and very easy to use. The display shows burnt calories and covered steps, among other things. It makes it easier to achieve the recommended 10,000 steps a day. There is a padded arm rest on the whole front to ensure highest comfort while working.

The LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7 is equiped with a very big work office, where everyone can spread its work utensils. At the back, there are cable ducts for hiding monitor or power cables. It is ideal, when you work with a laptop on the LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7

Running deck absorption makes working very gentle while walking

The LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7 has 6 different absorbers, which absorb the pressure of every step. When you walk your daily 10,000 steps, which have a scientifically proved healthy positive effect, the good absorption ensures that you feel less load on the joints and your legs do not get tired that quickly. The absorption also makes the LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7 more silent and thus more appropriate for the mobile office!

Intelli-Guard and Intelli-Step functions

The treadmill is equiped with two top technologies developed by LifeSpan:
  • The Intelli-Guard stops the treadmill after few seconds, when you leave the running mat. Thus it is ensured that the treadmill does not run, when there is nobody on it. This technology is an enormous progress regarding safety for treadmills!
  • The Intelli-Step function counts very precisely the steps you take. Thus you always know how many steps you have already done and how many steps you have to take to achieve your daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Desktop treadmill with LifeSpan club membership

Every LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7 includes a free and full membership at the LifeSpan Club. Collect and watch your health and fitness data in this online portal. Via bluetooth, you can connect your computer or Smartphone with the console and track covered distances on the LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7. It includes, i.e., steps, time, burnt calories, and distance. All data can also be synchronized with the LifeSpan App.

Desktop treadmills are the bestseller in the US and here now as well!

In the US, desktop treadmills have recently become the hit and Sport-Tiedje brings the trend to Europe with the LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7. Desktop treadmills make it in popular tv-shows like Glee or Navy CIS as well as at fitness facilities of almost all important US universities like Harvard or the UCLA. LifeSpan treadmills with height adjustable desks are also used at many important head offices. A detailed list with awards and references can be found in the attachment.
PDF document for the product

Warranty conditions: LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7

For further information on the warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's terms of warranty. The manufacturer's warranty is an extra service and does not affect your statutory rights.
Manufacturer's warranty Full warranty Frame Motor
Home use (Find out more)
The scope of warranty for home use includes private use of fitness equipment in a private household.

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
24 months 30 years 10 years
Semiprofessional use (Find out more)
A semi-professional use is given, when the fitness equipment is used in instutitions like hotels, schools, clubs, or for rehabilitation, company fitness, etc..

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
- 30 years -
Professional use (Find out more)
The warranty for professional use concerns fitness equipment at public, commercial institutions (i.e., gyms).

Detailed information can be taken from the warranty conditions of the manufacturer.
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LifeSpan desktop treadmill DT7 Test & Evaluations:

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4.83 of 5 Stars
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Opinion of other customers:

de by Sonja Meerbusch on 1.3.2018 5
Seit dem wir das Gerät bei uns im Büro stehe haben wollen alle nur noch darauf laufen und arbeiten. Wir müssen also bald ein zweites kaufen damit es keinen Ärger gibt. Es ist sehr gut verarbeitet und macht einen soliden Eindruck. Die Höhenverstellung ist elektrisch und funtkioniert einwandfrei. Wir können dieses ... [Read more]Produkt nur weiter empfehlen. [Show less]
fi by tiina on 25.9.2017 5
Walking and working, so easy to get 1,5 hours training every workday. Bluetooth and app in mobile are great too!
de by Aki on 20.9.2017 5
Eine gute Investition in die Gesundheit. Stabiler Tisch, grosse Arbeitsfläche, für die tägliche Büroarbeit geeignet. Lautstärke bei niedrigen Geschwindigkeiten ist in Ordnung.
nl by Anonym on 13.6.2017 5
Prachtige loopband voor op kantoor! Actief werken heeft met dit apparaat bij ons écht een nieuwe betekenis gekregen!
de by tina on 8.12.2015 4
LifeSpan hat eine sehr stabile Tisch und grosse Arbeitflache. Allerdings scheint es, dass meine Laufband einen Fehler hat, den Sie in der angehängten Video sehen kӧnnen. Beim Starten muss man 10-15x auf den Startknopf drücken um den Laufband einzuschalten. Bevor es richtig eingeschalte... [Read more]t ist, macht der Laufband-Tisch nur einen kleinen Piepton, es lässt sich aber nicht einschalten. Sonst, win gutes Produkt. [Show less]
de by Anonym on 27.11.2015 5
Klasse Produkt, ermöglicht die tägliche Laufration im nebenbei und durch den elektrisch verstellbaren Schreibtisch für alle möglichen Büroarbeiten bestens geeignet, vor allem weil der Schreibtisch auch wirklich groß ist.

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