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MMA boxing gloves - for universal use

Special boxing gloves are used for Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, their functions are not limited to punch techniques like for pure boxing gloves. In order to make MMA gloves or freefight gloves also usable for grip and throw techniques, these are opened on the top, so that fingers are freely mobile.

Furthermore, MMA gloves can be used for many further martial arts like jiu jitsu, taekwondo or karate.

The padding of MMA gloves is based upon a special gel or foam, so that the volume of the boxing gloves is lower, though effect of protection of freefight gloves is enormous. Because of optimized fitting of MMA gloves, the maximum flexibility is made possible.

As the type of padding is different compared to common boxing gloves, the sizes of MMA boxing gloves are given in S-XXL instead of in ounces.

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