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The Inferior/Superior gemellus muscle

(M. gemellus superior/ inferior)


The Gemelli are part of the deeper group of the posterior hip muscles. Together with the obturator internus muscle, the little skeleton muscles are described as triceps coxae. 
The inferior gemellus muscle is the inferior twin and goes below the big brother (superior gemellus muscle) in the pelvis zone. The course of the Gemelli is similar: the origins of both muscles lie in adjacent points of the ischium and insert together at the femur (Fossa trochanterica).

The Gemelli are relatively small and do not have any special influence on the movement of the thigh. Though outer rotators and adductors of the hip joint are supported in their function by tensing the Gemelli. Besides the outer rotation, the Gemelli support the stabilization of the pelvis as well.

Insufficiencies result from hip dysplasia, fractures (i.e. fracture of the femoral neck), and leg length differences. These can cause a chronic weakening of posterior hip muscles.



The superior gemellus muscle


Origin: Outside of spina ischiadica (spine of the ischium)

Femur (Fossa trochanterica)

Functions: Outer rotation in the hip joint, hip stabilization



The inferior gemellus muscle


Origin: Ischial tuberosity
Insertion: Femur (Fossa trochanterica)

Outer rotation in the hip joint, hip stabilization



Exercise examples


Outer rotation in the hip joint

 Außenrotation im Hüftgelenk Außenrotation im Hüftgelenk

Course of motion:

  • Lean against the back upholstery in sitting position
  • Place legs between the leg upholsteries
  • Place feet on foot rests
  • Push knees outwards against the leg upholsteries
  • Move slowly and without taking a swing to the final position
  • Then bring legs together without putting down the weight
  • Repeat the  movement



  • Exhale while abducting the leg
  • Inhale while adducting the leg


Advices of proof:

  • Hold the torso stable
  • Do not put down the weight
  • Slow course of motion
  • Buttocks and back remain fixed on the upholsteries



  • Outer rotation in kneeling position (all-fours position) without additional weight
  • Outer rotation with the Thera-Band (hip bending 90°)



Create a varied and effective training of the Gemelli by means of different training equipment. Use the following training equipment for strengthening and stabilizing the hip:



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