The Gracilis muscle

(M. gracilis)


The Gracilis muscle belongs to the muscle group of thigh adductors. It is situated on the inside of the thigh and is one of the superficial muscles.
Its sphere of activity includes two joints. The hip and knee joint are moved by its influence. The muscle flexes the thigh (flexion) in the hip joint and pulls it towards the midline of the body (adduction). In the knee joint, it flexes the lower leg and rotates it inside (medial).
The thin thigh muscle is the longest and smallest muscle of adductors and is closest to the midline of the body.



M. gracilis



Lower part of the pubis

Insertion: Proximal medial surface of tibia

Adduction (pull up the leg) in hip joint, flexing and inside rotation in the knee




Exercise examples



Adduction in standing position on lower cable pull


Course of motion:

  • Stand beside the lower cable pull with opened legs
  • Hold with hand close to the equipment
  • Stand far away from the cable pull to do a long motion
  • Attach the strap with rope on the ankle of the foot close to the equipment
  • Move the leg away from the eqiupment towards the standing leg
  • Do the motion in front of or behind the standing leg
  • Move up the leg to vertical position or above (30° at most)



  • Exhale while pulling up
  • Inhale while stretching out


Advices of proof:

  • Do not open legs too wide
  • Upright posture, stabilize the torso
  • Avoid using the hips
  • Slow course of motion
  • Adjust weight to fitness level



  • In sitting position on adductor equipment
  • In standing position on hip pendulum
  • In standing position without equipment
  • In lying position - lateral (move lower leg upwards, backwards)
  • In lying position - straddling legs (opposite bringing together)


Use varied training equipment for exercising adductors and having a diversified and motivating leg workout:



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