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Probably, everyone has already experienced these sudden and intensively coming pains in the muscles.

Muscle spasm are nothing else than a local metabolic disorder of the muscle. The blood supply in the muscles is interfered and metabolic disorders can occur. When there is an overload, muscle fibres contract as protective mechanism, so that the blood vessels within the musculature are crushed. The blood circulation is affected. Tensenesses are built, which causes finally an unpleasant muscle spasm. Calf, thigh, toe, and finger musculature are most often concerned.

What is the cause for a muscle spasm ?

  • High loss of liquids or electrolytes (i.e. lack of magnesium, calcium or sodium chloride)
  • Shoes or socks which are too narrow
  • Varicose veins
  • Infections
  • Coldness
  • Changes of musculature (i.e. because of injuries)

How can a muscle spasm be treated ?

  • Turn the concerned muscle in the opposite direction of the muscle spasm for 10-20 seconds (the muscle will relax)
  • Light massage
  • Heat treatment
  • When a muscle spasm occurs in the calf, an immediate stretching of the calf can help. 

What kind of prevention is possible ?

  • Careful warming up before exercising 
  • Stretching
  • Sufficient supply of liquids and electrolytes (magnesium, calcium) - best option with mineral water or apple juice spritzer
  • Well-balanced nutrition
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