Octane Zero Runner ZR7

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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Smoothness of Rotation
Shock absorption
Running smoothness
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  • Unique: effective running training without stressing the joints
  • Zero Runner: fitness equipment for running training without stressing the joints
  • Many different training movements: walking, running, stepping, stretching, jogging, skiing
  • More gentle than an elliptical cross trainer, effective like a treadmill, and much more silent
  • For doing sport at home, for older or heavier persons, for sportsmen: joint-gentle training for everybody
  • Elegant design
  • Precious LCD display: time, distance, calories, pulse, pace, stride length
  • Strength training is possible with Physiotubes
  • Resistance is adjustable
  • Q factor (Inside pedal distance): approx. 4.6cm
  • Max. user-weight: 136 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Octane Zero Runner ZR7: (L) 154 cm x (W) 86 cm x (H) 148 cm
  • Technical information:
    • Stride length: 0.1 - 147 cm
  • Computer:
    • Display: duration, distance, heart rate
    • Exercise programmes in total: 3
  • Features:
    • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • generator powered
    • Extras: transport wheels, drinking bottle holder
  • An elliptical cross trainer with a joint-gentle, elliptical movement (Elliptical)

Revolutionary: a fitness machine, which does not stress the joints

The Octane Zero Runner is the most innovative fitness machine of the last years. Due to its unique construction, the Zero Runner allows a cardio and running training without stressing the joints. The training is as effective as running training and more effective than on an elliptical cross trainer. The joint-gentle fitness machine Zero Runner offers even more training possibilities than most other cardio equipment.

The Zero Runner is more space-efficient than a treadmill or an elliptical cross trainer

Thanks to the well-thought out construction and the attractive design, the Zero Runner fits in every living environment. It is just 154 cm long, the set-up area of 120 cm is even smaller. Hence, the Octane Zero Runner is more space-efficient than treadmills or elliptical cross trainers.

The modern design with curved lines, the sturdy but unflashy frame, and the biomechanic joint construction are completed by a precious training computer. The LCD screen is transparent, the glass panel is very valuable and elegant. The user console is decent and very easy-to-use. The Zero Runner includes practical accessories as well.

The Zero Runner of Octane: the ideal fitness equipment for many target groups

  • For professional runners and ambitious sportsmen, who want to keep in shape or prepare for a competition. The risk of injuries with the Zero Runner is less and due to the care of joints, they remain young for a longer time.
  • For home sportsmen, who want to protect their joints but also enjoy an intensive and effective training like on a treadmill or elliptical cross trainer. Independent of weather and without fees for the gym.
  • For older users or those with heavyweight, who want to get or keep in shape with running — the best fitness programme — - thought they have especially to mind the protection of their joints.
  • For physiotherapists, who want to offer their recovering patients a really effective and joint-gentle training equipment to achieve the training targets quicker, more effectively and more gently.

Zero Runner versus elliptical cross trainer and treadmill: simply more varied, simply more gentle

The training with an Octane Zero Runner is more effective than treadmill training and stresses the joints less than an elliptical cross trainer. Elliptical cross trainers are a known equipment with low stress on joints. The Zero Runner has zero stress on joints. There is no such cardio training, which is so effective and gentle like the training with a Zero Runner.

Compared to a common treadmill, the Octane Zero Runner offers many more types of movement. Movements like on a stepper, jogging and running, lunges or skiing movements - the joint-gentle training machine offers a wide range of movements. Furthermore, the Zero Runner has no motor and there are no step noises. The joint-gentle training with the Zero Runner is very silent. You could exercise with the Zero Runner in your living room while the family watches tv and nobody would be disturbed.

CROSS CiRCUIT: the Zero Runner offers strength training as well

Octane offers the programme CROSS CiRCUIT to do light strength exercises on a big cardio equipment like the Zero Runner. A respective programme can be chosen on the user console. It is optimally adapted to the combination of cardio and strength training and makes a lot of fun.


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Sport-Tiedje Expert Review
Smoothness of Rotation
Shock absorption
Running smoothness

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0 persons found this review helpful
Der Aufbau war sehr leicht. Der Zero runner ist sehr leise und die große Schrittlänge ist prima. Das Training macht sehr viel Spaß. Ein Schraubenlock was zu kurz und ich mußte mit einer zweiten Unterlegscheibe nachhelfen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
0 persons found this review helpful
Ich konnte es zuerst nicht glauben. Aber nachdem der Zero Runner bei uns fachgerecht aufgebaut war und ich die ersten - zunächst zaghaften - Kaufschritte gemacht habe, war mir klar: Das Ding macht süchtig! Das Training macht absolut Spaß, besonders wenn es draußen Minusgrade hat. Das Laufen ist nach 2 Einheiten überhaupt kein Problem. Die Schrittlängen sind absolut ausreichend, man kann auch mal einen Sprint einlegen oder flott joggen. Den Gelenken geht's nach dem Workout fabelhaft, weil sie keine Stöße abbekommen. Ein dickes Lob auch an die Mannschaft von Sport Tiedje in Freiburg an dieser Stelle: Beratung, Lieferung und Aufbau haben super geklappt. Ich gehe davon aus, dass das auch der Fall sein wird, wenn mal etwas mit dem Gerät ist. Eine Empfehlung: Die Garantieverlängerung ist bei dem doch hohen Anschaffungspreis eigentlich ein Muss und in Relation gesehen keine große Investition. Mein Fazit: Ich kann es nur jedem, der gern läuft, seine Gelenke schonen möchte und nicht die Zeit hat, lange Outdoor-Läufe zu machen, wärmstens empfehlen.... [Read more]
0 persons found this review helpful
Helemaal blij met dit model. Maar misschien had ik toch voor de 8 moeten gaan haha.
0 persons found this review helpful
Le Zero Runner est le seul appareil qui me permet de courir sans avoir des douleurs à mon genou et sans chocs. En plus c’est un appareil complet avec des programmes d’entraînement plus des élastiques pour la musculation. Au top !
0 persons found this review helpful
Avec le Zero Runner j'ai vraiment vu une amélioration, plus de douleurs aux genoux. Je peux courir sans me soucier des impacts car il n'y a pas de chocs. Appareil très ergonomique.
Comment of Sport-Tiedjedoppelt
0 persons found this review helpful
Avec le Zero Runner j'ai vraiment vu une amélioration, plus de douleurs aux genoux. Je peux courir sans me soucier des impacts car il n'y a pas de chocs. Appareil très ergonomique.
0 persons found this review helpful
Plus besoin d'aller courir à l'extérieur, par tous les temps. Plus besoin d'elliptique. Vous retrouverez tout cela dans un seul appareil: le Zero Runner ZR7 d'Octane. Appareil complet avec des programmes élastiques compris pour exercices de musculation.
0 persons found this review helpful
Je viens de faire un entraînement avec le Zero Runner et quel satisfaction, je ne peux plus m'en passer. Quel facilité ce Zero Runner, et de pouvoir courir à tous moment. Pour ma part, j'utilise souvent le programme RUN qui est varié où je peux faire des mouvements différents. A adopter.
0 persons found this review helpful
Courir à la maison c’est possible avec le seul appareil de course au monde, le Zero Runner. L’intérêt du Zero Runner est qu’il n’est pas traumatisant pour les genoux. Il permet de s’entraîner à tous moments, peu importe la météo. A adopter absolument !
0 persons found this review helpful
Appareil très facile a utiliser, j'utilise le programme RUN avec des intervalles de 30 secondes à la suite,(différent d'un tapis de course où il faut attendre qu'il ralentisse, ici ce n'est pas le cas) ce qui me permet de faire des exercices différents et variés à chaque séance. Je n'ai aucune douleur à mon genou vu qu'il n'y a pas d'impact au sol. Je recommande le ZR7.

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