Overwinter made easy !
- 15 tips how to get well throughout wintertime -

  1. Wear functional clothing ! It is of special importance especially in wintertime. Invest some money, increase fun and reduce the risk of getting ill. Furthermore, it is recommended to protect the head with a cap. You lose a lot of heat over the head.

  2. Use your lunchbreak ! You have to force yourselves too much to go outside in the dark throughout wintertime with less sun hours. A daily walk in the open of 20 minutes has a positive effect on the mood, you feel more in shape, healthier, and less tired.

  3. Introduce a system of rewarding ! Allow yourselves something after the workout. Have a sauna, i.e., after the workout. In addition to the relaxing effect, this reinforces your immune system (attention: not after highly-intensive exertions).  

  4. Take illnesses serious ! Reduce sporty activity while having a cold. Virus and bacterias have an easy job of a weakened immune system. Once you are really ill, it takes a long time to get in shape again.

  5. Use protective creams ! Cream face and lips with a cream containing fat when temperatures are below zero and prevent frostbite and drying when you are outside or move in the open.

  6. Pack up limbs ! When the body is freezing, it tries to maintain the temperature in the body's core at first - for reasons of own protection - by reducing blood circulation in extremities. Hands and feet get cold.

  7. Use a humidifier ! Heating air in the inside of houses dries mucous membranes. Being rough or chapped, they lay easily open to attack from virus and bacteria. Use a humidifier to increase humidity in the air.

  8. Eat food rich in vitamins ! Get healthy and tasty through the winter with native vegetables: Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, carrots, savoy cabbage, celeriac, kale, black salsify, and beetroot should be regular parts of the menu. Furthermore, wholemeal products should be reconsidered for choice of food as well.

  9. Drink a lot ! Even it is not that noticeable in the winter, the loss of water is similar to that one in summertime. The combination of dried heating air and cold outdoor temperatures causes a low humidity of air. The water extracted here has to be given back to the body.

  10. Relax enough ! Pressure, stress, nervousness, and lack of sleep influence the mood and you can even become ill. Do take some relaxing breaks especially throughout wintertime.

  11. Test Light therapy ! Light causes the release of the "substance for happiness" endorphin, which relaxes mind and soul, increases mental well-being, and lowers the blood pressure.

  12. Use hot and cold feet baths ! A change of heat and cold strengthens health and supports blood circulation. Hot and cold feet baths and showers can help to strengthen resistance.

  13. Intake minerals ! Mind especially the intake of minerals and trace elements (zinc, selenium, and iron) in the cold season.  

  14. Sports against "shivering" ! Sports stimulates blood circulation. It is useful to do sports when you have cold extremities. This often has a long-lasting effect.

  15. Solarium as alternative light source ! Lay on a sun bench and benefit from short-wave UV-B-rays. Activate your immune system and your body starts production of vitamin D. The body often faces a lack of this throughout the winter.

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