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physioLoop stands for sling trainers and fitness equipment for an effective total-body workout, whether outdoors or at home. With physioLoop sling trainers, you will improve your strength, coordination, and stabilisation with only one lightweight, portable device. In addition to the processing of high-quality materials and easy handling, physioLoop values a varied range of exercises.
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Sling training with physioLoop

The roots of sling training go back to Nordic physiotherapy. Today, sling training is used not only in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, but also in fitness training and professional sports. Many national football teams have already integrated sling training into their training schedule.

The instability of the physioLoop sling trainer activates numerous muscle reflexes. Sling training requires muscle fibres that are not addressed during normal strength training. That way, the muscular system is trained in its entirety, which has a positive effect on the challenges in everyday life and during peak athletic performances.

physioLoop: a reliable partner

Professional athletes in cycling, kite surfing, beach volleyball, steeplechases, and sailing, physiotherapists, fitness studios, and personal trainers rely on physioLoop for sling training.
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