Polar Loop Activity Tracker: Observe your performance 24 hours a day
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The Polar Loop is an activity tracker, this means it measures your activity throughout the day and helps to improve your fitness. Of course, your discipline is required as well. Thanks to the data collected and displayed by the fitness tracker, the Polar Loop is a perfect motivation booster. When you synchronize it with your pc or iPhone, you can set activity aims, i.e.. Later on, you can look at your Polar Loop how successful you have been in improving your fitness - at any time. The Polar Loop is a nice, modern accessory as well. It displays the time as precisely as a wristwatch and is worn on the wrist. The Polar Loop is very comfortable to wear and is easy to adjust to your wrist.

Which values are measured by the Polar Loop Activity Tracker ?

The Polar Loop records your activities, no matter whether these are sitting, standing or lying activities. Even when you sleep, the little fitness tracker registers it. Data are collected 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is how the Polar Loop Activity Tracker guarantees a complete profile of your activity. The Polar Loop measures your steps and the distance you cover every day, i.e.. If you forget the Polar Loop once, you can still keep your values up to date, because the Polar Loop can be synchronized with the Polar Flow Webservice. Here you can add data. The little fitness gadget even calculates your calory consumption on the basis of your personal data and the recorded activity. It is perfect for all who want to observe their weight or want to lose weight. Of course, the Loop of Polar also displays the time. The Polar Loop can even do something more, which sets it apart from other activity trackers:

What is the special feature of the Polar Loop ?

The exceptional feature of the Polar Loop among the activity trackers is its possibility to measure ECG precisely the heart rate. The Polar Loop can be linked with a Polar heart rate transmitter (H6 or H7). The calory consumption is measured in combination with the pulse for sporty activities. The values get more exact and you get a better overview.

How does the Polar Loop measure activity ?

The Polar Loop measures movements. A 3-axis-sensor is integrated in the activity tracker, which records even smallest movements. Rate, regularity, power, and speed of movements are exactly collected. The Polar Loop creates an exact profile of your movements with these data. We recommend to use the Polar Loop with a H6 or H7 chest strap of Polar for sporty activities in sitting position, i.e. cycling. The self tracking tool can evaluate the intensity of your activity and calculates your colary consumption - also without movements by means of heart rate data.

Is the Polar Loop waterproof ?

Yes. You can use the Polar Loop for swimming as well or leave it on the wrist while taking a shower. That doesn't make a difference. As the tracker acts on movements, a swimming stroke might be evaluated as a step. It also might happen that the display lights up in red while swimming. That doesn't matter. The Polar Loop has a capacitive one touch control. This acts on water in a similar way as on human contact.
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