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Power Towers and body weight stations offers you an effective training for the whole body
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Power Tower / Body weight station - strength training with your own weight

A Power Tower provides an effective workout for the entire body. With this piece of fitness equipment, you work out with your own body weight and have the option of a large variety of exercises.

A bodyweight-station takes up a small amount of space, fitting easily into small apartments. Experience the diversity of a Power Tower. This piece of equipment allows optimal workouts for pull-ups, dips, crunch variations, push-ups and knee lifts.

Accessories for maximum workout variety

To get the most out of exercising with a body weight station, you can optimally combine body weight training with various training accessories.

Resistance bands in various strengths and a weight vest are suitable for this purpose. The resistance bands are easily attached to the Power Tower or the Dip Station, providing even more exercise options and variety during the workout. A weight vest is perfect for adjusting the difficulty of exercises and taking your workout to a new level.

Advantages of body weight training

Exercising with your own body weight provides functional fitness and stimulates burning fat.

In addition, there is less risk of injury when training with body weight compared to training with weights, as many exercises are similar to movements found in everyday life. It is also easier on the joints than, for example, classic strength training.

With a Power Tower, you have the ability to strengthen many muscle groups effectively with body weight training.

If your exercise goals include fat burning and functional muscle building, body weight training with a Power Tower or Dip Station is the best alternative for you.

Positive side effects of training with a Power Tower include the improvement of co-ordination, mobility and posture.

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